The Knitter

The Knitter

Like swarms of bees on fragrant bush,

I see the knitters glee…

A trip to favored store enfolds

And beckons like a dream.

Desirous of this sweet assault

The expedition consumes

While they, victorious stagger away

As ever more yarn looms.

Their feet are shod  with comforting shoes

Their helmet is of wool

Their breast a jumper, done in blue

In cables bold encrusted…

The click of their needles repeat the chant

A knitter can be trusted.

Oh for labors such as these

A legal addiciton, you won’t be busted.

JoLene Treace

With that inroduction, let me say it has been a relatively fun day. I have been recuperating from the fusion in my lower neck as a result of a reletively minor auto accident, and the list I belong to for designers has had a lot of discussion about blogs and how good they are to have. So. Here I am.

The poem is a result of some fun on a private list I was invited to, where someone had posted a parody of a well known poem. I loved it and could really see a slim and stylish volume of poetry for knitters, that are parodies of famous poetry. Mine was from The Bee, by Emily Dickinson.

Besides being inspired by the fun on the private list (which really doesn’t have a name, so I guess I will call it “The List” from now on), I had a LOT of fun ordering yarn over the weekend. I cannot drive right now, so I have to do my purchasing electronically if my husband is not available to take me. I ordered yarn from Great Britain, Australia, and two places here in the states. I have been in search of yarn for Baby things, and for knitted counterpanes. I will detail that more as the yarn comes in. And no, the Baby things are not for me, but my oldest Stepdaughter and her husband (my husband is 13 years older than I am, and I am about 10 years older than his oldest daughter). We are happily looking forward to being grandparents.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi, and all that.



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