LaMancha Watchcap

LaMancha WatchcapToday I received yarn in the mail, and the 2007 Knitting Calender.  I am only going to talk about one today, as I am tired. I don’t have a photo of the yarn yet, so I will talk about the hat.

This hat appears on July 25, with instructions on working the Channel Island Cast-On the day before.

 The design was an off-shoot of a sweater design I have in a collection that I hope to put into a book (Inspired Knitting: From Monkey Island). All the designs are inspired by animals at the zoo.


This design was inspired by the goats at the Indiana Family Farm part of the zoo, where there is a petting zoo. I have always loved the goats. I forget, now, how many different dairy goats we have there. I think three. One breed, the LaMancha, is the one with the very small round little ears. The Channel Island Cast-on was my nod to that shape, with it being a nice foil and balance to the eyelets.  The eyelet pattern makes me think of their tails.  In the photo at right, the white goat in the foreground and the black goat are LaMancha goats. 

 I will forever be grateful that I met my friend Beth Brown-Reinsel when taking her class on Ganseys and teaching me this cast-on. She has been a big encouragement on the path to becoming a designer. If you every get a chance to take a class from her, do it as she is a very good and supportive teacher. There is a link to her web site in the side bar.


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