Wake up to knitting (Silk City Yarns by the Ounce!)

DaisyHmmm. I woke up early (see the culprit, at right. Her name is Daisy and she is two). What to do when you wake up early and cannot go back to sleep or drive anywhere? (I am hoping I can drive soon. Too soon after the surgery).

I would go to a yarn store today if I could, but I already have some lovely new yarn. This is the yarn that I received yesterday. I did not bother doing any photo editing, but you can still get the gist of it.

I have in the top row Katia Mississippi 3, in the middle row there is Silk City Perle Cotton (5/2), Silk City Mina Dina (a cotton blend), and a lace weight alpaca.

YarnThe bottom row has Silk City Perle Cotton (3/2) and Bambu 7.

The bottom two rows were purchased from Montoya Fiber Studio. Their contact information is:

Cathy Montoya, knit2bits@yahoo.com

Montoya Fiber Studio, 2566 Prairie, Evanston IL  60201  847.869.1089.  I was so excited to find them as I have wanted to try the Mina Dina and the Bambu 7 for some time, and most places that do have it, carry it by the cone only.  They will sell it to you by the ounce. I purchased 3 oz (100 grams) of each. I am working on ideas for two things (well, that I needed to purchase yarn for). I am working on a counterpane class and designs, and I am working on ideas for baby blankets and afghans. My oldest stepdaughter and her husband are expecting their first child in March, and I am making baby blankets for her and an afghan (a daddy blanket) for him, to use when he is cuddling with their baby. The lace weight, well, I just like knitting lace.  I have some other yarns to play with, too, that I already have. Super 10 Butterfly, which is  machine washable and dryable mercerized cotton, Dale of Norway Stork, Sirdar Denim Tweed, some Cotton from Bendigo Woolen Mills, and a whole host of others. I will eventually make a list and add it to my blog.

 Peace and Knitting, JoLene


2 Responses to “Wake up to knitting (Silk City Yarns by the Ounce!)”

  1. mary mcmahon Says:

    Hi, Jolene, what a nice surprise that you have a blog and I love your first entries. Thanks for the source for silk city yarns. It’s hard for me to believe that you have not been published in an american knitting magazine yet…your designs are just great. I look forward to reading your blog . Mary in Cincinnati

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Well, I only submited a couple times. What I had, while they liked, just did not fit into the rest of the particular issue. Glad you enjoy the blog. Cincinnati, eh? I’m in Fort Wayne (Indiana). Cincinnati is a wonderful city. I have been there perhaps a half dozen times.

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