My Favorite Things

Obviously as a knitter, the top of the list would be yarn. But every knitter has things they really love that soothes the soul in a given day. Little things that we take for granted but are in their own way little blessings.

The internet is a wonderful source of enjoyments. Free things abound. The LaMancha hat, for example. Not only is it in the calender, but it is also in my  Feb. 2006 newsletter, Unraveled.   The newsletter is free. Don’t you love stuff on the internet?

Purple ConeflowerOther favorite things are quiet enjoyments. Good music. Walks with my husband. Taking pictures in the yard.

The purple coneflower at left I took in my yard. I love looking at things up close. Look at the colors in this.There is a rust red, a gold, a bright yellow, an orange, various shades of green,browns, blacks, and the pinky lavender colors in the petals. What a beautiful colorway.

I also love tea. By far the best tea I have ever had is from Culinary Teas. Physically they are located in Syracuse Indiana, and if you are a lover of tea, you should look them up. You will not be dissapointed. I went from liking tea okay if it was flavored, to really loving it. Well. Not just any tea. This is pretty much the only tea I drink at home, as it is so smooth, and so good. Sitting down with a cup of tea with a friend, a book, or my knitting. Those are some more quite enjoyments.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


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