Inspired Knitting

What inspires you as a knitter? Taking the discussion from yesterday one step farther, this question popped into my head. See, I love this kind of discussion. What fires you up?

For some it is texture in stitch pattern, for some it is texture in yarn. For others it is color. I have had a number of people comment on my approach to design (not on this blog, but in personal conversation) and it really is about what inspires me.Flamingos I don’t live anywhere exotic, and I do not lead an exotic life (Fort Wayne, Indiana, while a good city to live in, does not qualify as exotic!).  I work part time as a nurse. I am active in my church. I do travel, some. At least a little every year. Perhaps it is my own inner vision of what I see, that is exotic.

What I notice first, I think, is color then form. Lines, then texture, then mood. This might happen in a split second, or it might just flow along in the back of my mind.

I love this picture. I took it at one of the many zoos I have been to. I am often inspired by nature and wildlife in particular. Look at the graceful curving lines in this picture. And the colors. Have you ever noticed black on the underside of the wing of a flamingo? I know before this, I had not (see the fellow at the top, where you can see some of the black peeking out).

Another unexpected color is the pink in the feet.  Orange, pink (dare I say fuchsia?), creamy white and black. What a colorway.

I could go on and on about what kind of design could come out of this. More importantly, what is your reaction? What do you think of when you see flamingos, or anything else around you? Do you think of hot sunshine or vacation climates?  Often with design one thought leads to another. You might see this and a minute later be smelling something from a favorite memory, like salt water taffy. All of those things are worthy considerations in a design.  Something does not have to look like the inspiration, to represent the inspiration.

What does it say to you, and how can you repeat back what it says and how you feel about it in your knitting? Your vocabulary is your stitches, your yarn selection, and the shapes that you knit. Even the color. Don’t be afraid to listen to that inner dialog and take it into your knitting.

Peace and knitting, JoLene


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