Shuttle Shop Review

I was somewhat nervous the day before my surgery, and decided to go to a yarn shop to ease myself through the day. I rather felt like a prisoner having their last meal, as I knew I would not be able to drive for awhile afterwards. Kathey Carvey I am always happy as a clam to go to a yarn store, so I knew this would be a good way to spend the day. I had been to the store one other time, so I knew in advance it would be a good store to go to.

I don’t know if you ever get to Warsaw, Indiana or not…but if you do, a visit to the Shuttle Shop at 107 East Market Street will not disappoint you. Owner Kathey Carvey is friendly and helpful without hovering. Some places the staff is friendly, but it is a superficial friendliness. I did not feel that at the Shuttle Shop. Kathy fits her shop perfectly…I have a hard time picturing her doing anything else! She made me feel welcome, and that is not something I sense everywhere.

There is a nice selection of yarns there, including Needful, Plymouth, Trendsetters, Tahki, Dale, Crystal Palace, Rowan, and others.  They also stock a nice selection of books, patterns, needles and notions.

At the front of the store there is a comfy seating area where you can sit and knit, and there is a cat named Vinnie who lives in the store. The Shuttle Shop has been open for about 4.5 years. They have changed location twice but the current location is working out very well and they are happy to put down roots there. Vinnie

There is some sidewalk renovation going on which will provide planters with flowers and so on when complete. When that is not going on, he likes to spend time in the front windows. Vinnie is a large, handsome Tabby and when I visited he was on the sofa in the seating area. He is a good cat and seems to love being in the store.

They have classes, too, and is a good addition to your list of stores to go to if you ever get the chance. Their phone is 574-269-9090, and their address is 107 E Market Street, Warsaw IN  46950.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene

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