Yarn Talk: Black Water Abbey Yarns

Okay, perhaps I am biased. I will be the first to say that I am very grateful to Marilyn (Marilyn King, Black Water Abbey Yarns). If I had to pick who was amongst the most influential in my getting a start in knitting design, she would be at the top.

Marilyn has long been encouraging and loves everything I do. Who as a designer would not be happy as a clam to be in that situation?

That said, her yarn is very nice. If you are looking for super processed yarns you won’t find it from her. I was a little surprised at first and had to do a little adjusting in my thinking in what makes a good yarn. Now, it is one of my favorites. It has a life to it and good stitch definition that makes arans and other texture type patterns come to life.

The worsted weight is spun with a “z” twist, while most yarns we get have an “s” twist.  For those of you who have taken classes with Beth Brown Reinsel, you may have heard her talk about this yarn in her twinned knitting classes.

 The yarn does soften as it is worn, and the garments wear well. And if you want to purchase from someone who is genuinely helpful, well, you cannot go wrong with them. If her yarn is not appropriate for the type of project you want to do, she will tell you. I have seen her take knitters to other boothes at stitches before for this very reason. How many people do that?

Her website is here, and her contact information is Black Water Abbey Yarns, PO Box 470688, Aurora CO  80047-0688. phone 720-320-1003. email is marilyn@abbeyyarns.com 

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


2 Responses to “Yarn Talk: Black Water Abbey Yarns”

  1. LaurieM Says:

    I didn’t know Black Water Abbey Yarns has a z-twist. I have some and I’ll have to check it out and compare it to my similar yarns such as Philosopher’s and Briggs and Little.

    I tried twined knitting a while back but quit because I only have s-twist fingering weight. It might make an interesting experiment to try twined swatches using the z-twist BWA and the s-twist B&L.

    Actually, I’ve noticed that BWAYs has come out with a lighter weight yarn too. Do you know if it is z-twist as well? I’d really like to make a pair of twined mittens one of these fine days.

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    No, the 2-ply fingering is from a different mill and has an s-twist. If you don’t mind working with the worsted, you could have a lot of fun playing with it.

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