Life in the Frog Pond

The Yarn Ball DestroyerSorry folks, don’t know what is up with the posts. I checked the blog this morning, and there wasn’t any content from the third (the post with the swatches). I am sure I must have pushed a button wrong somewhere, but when you try and post every day and it evaporates it is irritating. Particularly as I don’t have a lot of content yet.

And that is the way of if somedays, in our non knitting life and our knitting life. Some days it feels like everything is spent in the frog pond. On days like that, I try and be nice to myself because it is those days that I need it most. We all need a little grace at times, and lets face it if we are not getting it elsewhere, well it is good to spread some our way ourselves.

What makes your day better in those situations? I was ready to (not literally) kill our cat Chloe yesterday afternoon. I have had a very frustrating couple days, topped off by a dog bite (I am 43, grew up around dogs and people with dogs, and this is the first time I have ever been bit). I came home from an errand (yippee! I can drive again!) and there was a frothy fuzzy pink mess on the floor.

I don’t know where she swiped the ball of yarn from, but there it was, spread apart in clumps, covering about 3 square feet. It was a ball of Mom Jamie and Mekidsilk haze. I methodically wound it back into a ball, untangling as I went, contemplating the things I could do to that cat. In the end I did nothing, as she would not have understood. I took a break from the knitting that evening and gave myself permission to be in my pajamas early. We watched a movie on DVD (Disney’s The Wild, or From The Wild, something like that). It really was a good movie. Some light hearted humor.

In the end, for me, it is often the relationships I share with others (in this case time spent with my husband) that restore me. I need that contact with others. Some folks are happy with little contact. Not me! I talk to my mom on the phone at least once a week. My sister not as much, as it is a lot harder to nail her down. I have been told by not only my husband but hers, that we both get a little cranky if we don’t get that time together.

Whatever you do, be good to yourself.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


One Response to “Life in the Frog Pond”

  1. Carol M Says:

    Please don’t kill Chloe, she is the same colors as my dear departed Pussywillow! (Ch. Tombar’s Pussywillow of Mrp) P.W. was a lilac-cream tortoiseshell Oriental Shorthair. She was so small we used to threaten to throw her back . Never more than 7 pounds at her fattest. Lived on my neck.

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