Yarn Review: Alchemy Yarns of Transformation

I met these folks at TNNA last June in Indianapolis. Gina Wilde has a wonderful line of yarns, and I was fortunate enough to go home with yarn to swatch with. In particular I have been playing with the Bamboo and the Silken Straw. I will be sending off some swatches in the next week or two to Gina, and when I do I will post them here so you can see what I have sent.

I know this yarn is not cheap. It is so very nice, however, and when you want something special it is a good choice. I like finding yarns at weights that are not heavy. These are both light enough that you could actually knit something with it and wear it in the summer. This is not one of those yarns that are marketed as a summer yarn but is a worsted weight. Considering they are in California, it makes sense. They are located in the beautiful Sonoma County, amongst rolling hills and orchards. Part of the cost of the yarn is the labor involved. It is handpainted, steamed over an open fire, and then hung on Bamboo rods. This quote is directly from their website: ” We believe that our commitment to living life to its fullest – to recognizing health and healing and love and light in every breath – is captured in each skein of yarn we make. By creating Alchemy Yarns of Transformation with such intent, we trust this beauty is given over to you when you choose Alchemy in support of your creative expression”.

I have to tell you they put a lot of love and effort into each beautiful skein.  And it shows. It is spectacular. They have solids as well, which appeals to me as I can do wonderful things with solids but hopeless with a lot of the beautiful handpaints, particularly if the colorways have a lot of contrast.

They have a section on their website called Community where you can read about things related to community. Theirs (their beloved animal companions) and the knitting community (charity and so on). It is a nice rounding out to their site.

Whatever soothes the soul transforms the mind for the good.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene

Retailers who carry Alchemy Yarns can be found here.


2 Responses to “Yarn Review: Alchemy Yarns of Transformation”

  1. LaurieM Says:

    A handpaint can work well with a neutral in two color knitting. I don’t know that I’d want to do that for a light summer sweater though. The other thing I like to do with a hand paint is modular knitting. Miters, or etrelac break up the dye cycles.

    I look forward to seeing your swatches.

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Good tips Laurie. Hmmm. I may have to try something with Entrelac. That would perhaps fall into the type of knitting I like to do. I see so many beautiful handpaints, and the type of knitting I enjoy isn’t often the best suited for these lovely yarns. I have on occassion bought one just to look at.

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