Yarn Review: Rovings Custom Carding and Dyeing

I discovered this yarn at Stitches Midwest a couple years ago. I absolutely love it, it is to die for. Rovingsis a company that is a breed specific mill. They import premium polwarth fibre from Australia, and in turn offer fiber for the handspinner as well as yarn for handknitters.

They have pure polworth yarns as well as blends which include: Polwarth/Leicester, 60% Polwarth Wool & 40% Angora, 34% Polwarth Wool/33% Alpaca/33% Kid Mohair, 60% Polwarth Wool & 40% Tussah Silk, 75% Polwarth Wool & 25% Cultivated Silk, 100% Polwarth Wool – Lace Weight, 2 ply , 100% Polwarth Wool – Cobweb.

The sheep are bred specifically for handspinning. They are coated for 12 months which yields an extremely clean fleece. The micron count of 22 to 26 which is similar to merino. The fleece has a longer staple, too, at 4.5 to 6 inches long. They use equipment from mini mills to turn it into yarn in blends and straight polworth.

Another advantage is that they will color match.  Send a sample if you don’t see a color you like. For myself, I have purchased the undyed yarns. They are stunning in and of themselves. I do not remember how many different natural shades they have, but they are by no means restricted to white.

 I don’t have a picture right now to show you, but as I swatch and design, I will share the swatches and yarns with you.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


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