Help, I Need My Knitting!

I was going to talk about knitting and Fibonacci numbers this morning. When my eyes started glazing over I knew there was just no way to talk about this adequately without making your eyes glaze over.

There are days when all you want to do is some relaxing knitting. No design, no thinking, just the therapeutic mantra of the needle clicking…and the relaxation from that fiber meditation.

My husband sometimes forgets when I am in the zone (right side of the brain is dominating) that it is hard for me to stop and explain things.  I can do what he wants to know about (with us it is always computer related), but if I am cruising along in creative land, asking me to stop and find words is hard. There is a reason for this, and that is because the right side of the brain is non-verbal. It is very good at eye hand stuff though. Sometimes the sensation for me is almost painful, like forcing a lot of gears to stop suddenly and go back the other way.

And this morning I am tired. I got to bed at a decent time and slept well, but my batteries need recharged. We are going to be starting some remodeling soon, and I am in the process of picking out ceramic tile for the fireplace. This will be in my studio, and the whole thing (fireplace, not studio) will be in tile. That is all I have left to pick out. My mind will be better rested when it is not turning that over behind the back of my left brain.

It is a creative drain, so I am anxious to get back to my knitting. So, I am off to a tile store today, and I have my flooring and fabric samples and my paint swatches. Happy hunting, eh? Then I hope to have the afternoon for pattern writing and the evening for knitting. I will take a picture of where it is at now, as well as what I am going to use and give you a sneak peak.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


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