Yarn Review: Bendigo Woolen Mills

I don’t know how many of you have ever heard of Bendigo Woolen Mills. They are a company in Australia, and I first heard of them on one of the knitting lists I belong to. I think it was Knitting Beyond The Hebrides.  I had heard that they had some very nice yarn, and they do. I bought a skein of each of what they have, and made sure I had a skein of each weight of yarn as well. Their sizes are a little different than what we are used to, as they refer to plys. Their yarns are nice, they have a good hand and good stitch definition. If you are looking for a good basic yarn that will be a good foil for stitch patterns, this is a good line to consider.

 Their yarns are as follows:

Colonial: comes in 5, 8, & 12 ply Pure Wool (the 5 ply is about a sport/fingering weight, 8 ply is about a DK weight, the 12 ply a bit heavier than Aran weight). Not a huge color range but some good basics. 33 colors (on my old color card)

Classic: 2, 3, 5, 8 ply machine washable. Fine/fingering (2 & 3 ply), fingering/sport (5 ply), DK (8 ply). This has an overall color selection that is different than the Colonial.

These two wools appear cabled, but they are plied. Their third offering in your basic wool is Rustic, which appears as your basic Worsted spun plied yarn (i.e. Heilo or Cascade 220). Rustic comes in 5, 8, & 12 ply and is Pure Wool – 24 colors.

Alpaca: 8 ply 100% Alpaca, 12 colors.

Baby Wool: 3 ply & 4 ply – 6 colors, Harmony: 8 ply Woo/Cotton/Lycra – 10 colors, Mohair: 8 & 12 ply 50% wool 50%mohair – 16 colors,  Aran: 10 ply pure wool – 6 colors. Machine Washable.

Cotton, 100%, 4 & 8 ply. I tried their cotton out on swatches for my stepdaughter’s baby blankets I am working on. 14 shades (again. old color card). I really liked the softness of the yarn and how it looked after blocking.

Their yarn is inexpensive, and while they do not yet have a website (they are working on that right now) they are easy to order from.  Their email is benwool@bendigo.net.au , or if you want to call they have a number for their USA customers: 1-888-235-1993.

As far as I know, their color cards with actual samples are still free. Included with the color cards are fliers, and order blanks, and a postage paid envelope. I don’t remember about the shipping, although I have read online at other folks sites that if your yarn is more than $40, they will ship free, within a very reasonable period of time (2 weeks).

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


4 Responses to “Yarn Review: Bendigo Woolen Mills”

  1. fibergal Says:

    You know that Bendigo has had a website for quite a while, right? I love their yarn.


  2. Pat Moons Says:

    I’ve been knitting with Bendigo classic (and the now-discontinued colonial) for years. It’s my favorite yarn–knits up at five stitches per inch on 4.00 mm needles. It has great stitch definition and is really long-wearing and looks good even after several years. I had one sweater that lasted 15 years of winter wearing! It can be ordered on line from Bendigo Woollen (not a misspelling) Mills.

  3. diane day Says:

    can you send me a colour chart of all your 8 ply wool please to diane day 1/48 yooringa ave, norlane geelong 3214 thanks diane

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