Yarn Shop Review: Ozeyarn (Internet)

Ozeyarn is a shop located in Putney, Australia. I forget how I came across them, but they looked to have a nice range of yarns and the ordering was easy. They carry the Heirloom label (Baby wool 3 ply fingering, 4 ply fingering; Cotton 4 ply fingering, 8 ply sport; Breeze 8 ply sport; Alpaca 8 ply sport; Cashmino 8 ply), Belisa Cashemere (1.5 ply lace wieght cashmere or silk; lace weight cashmere wool blend), Fiberworks (Kid Modair Boucle, worsted; kid mohair brushed, worsted; Alpaca 8 ply, sport; 8 ply wool, sport; 8 ply silk ribbon, sport; 8 ply Silk Pearl; Silk Chunky Noil, 10 ply; Silk Shimmer, 2 ply; Silk Opulence, 8 ply; 2 ply Silk), Rainbow Wool8, 12 & 20 ply. Jo Sharp (DK wool/wool heather; Silkroad Aran; Silkroad Aran Tweed; Silkroad Ultra; Silkroad DK Tweed; Rare Comfort Mohair; Soho Summer DK Cotton; Desert Garden Aran Cotton).  This is from info I received in 2005, so their list may be a bit different now.

I tend to prefer yarns that are without a lot of contrast for my own knitting, although I love looking at the handpaints. Since I gravitate toward solids or handpaints without a lot of contrast, I will talk mostly about the basics. The Fiberworks label has hand dyed yarns in 20 some odd shades and colorways.

What I am really looking at is the Heirloom Cotton, which has 180 yards / 50 grams in the 4 ply or 130 yards / 50 grams in the 8 ply. It has a nice feel and weight. In the sample I have there are only 14 colors, I don’t know how many have been added since I recieved my color card. There is white, 3 neutral cream to taupe colors, pastels (mint green, baby blue, pink, lavender, periwinkle) , also a pale yellow green, yellow, coral, and a medium value red violet and a medium value purple. Note these are not their color names, these are my descriptions of the colors on the card.

I am also looking at the Heirloom Cashmino. This is a blend of 10% Cashmere, 55% Merino Ulta Fine, and 35% Microfibre. 109 yards / 50 grams. This is some nice looking stuff and I really want to get some to swatch. There are some jewel tones and some softer more muted tones. A nice palette.

I may have to get some of the lace weight, too.

They have good service and I was happy with the speed in which I received my order. A good online source if you want something a little different.

 Peace and Knitting, JoLene


3 Responses to “Yarn Shop Review: Ozeyarn (Internet)”

  1. Ginger aka Beethoven Says:

    Mum buys from Ozeyarn.
    She loves dealing with the owner Juliana Ellis.
    Service was superb, fast and Juliana is very helpful!

  2. carole Says:

    I’ve never been at this site before but would like to know where the patterns are for the tunics at the head of the web page. Can you help? TIA

    • jolenetreace Says:

      If you scroll down on the page you will see a heading closer to the bottom (this is the stuff in the column on the right) that says My Patterns, and then some links to a few of the vendors who carry them. Yarns By Design always carries everything, http://www.yarnsbydesign.com/ I would perhaps start with them.

      The designs in the banner, from left to right, are Calliope, Squirrel Monkey, LaMancha, All Seasons Bramble Berry (there is a Winter version as well in Worsted Weight wool, the one in the photo is a cotton wool blend in a slightly different weight), and Lush.

      Thanks, JoLene Treace

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