Design Discussion: Hickory Hollow

Hickory HollowThis handknit cardigan pattern was designed with men in mind, but I have been told women knit and wear it too (it has been labeled a unisex garment on the pattern). The mannequin is a little small, so the neckline looks lower than it actually is – although it is lower than the armhole. It comes in finished chest measurements of 40, 44, 48, 52, & 56 inches. The sample garment was knit with Black Water Abbey Yarns 2 ply worsted weight.

This is another design inspired by a place, with memories and feelings in the mix. It was named for my grandparents cottage on Palestine Lake (you can read about that a  bit and see the picture on the post about Through The Woods, another cardigan designed and inspired for this area).  I designed this thinking of my grandfather Caroll.

His normal day wear consisted of a tee-shirt and bib-overalls, which he wore like a badge of honor. He was a a dark and handsome man, who reminded me of a loaf of french bread. Crusty on the outside but soft on the inside. Everyday, hard working. He would often delight in pulling little pranks on us, too, like the time he told us his hat was made out of Hamster fur (we had a hamster at the time). I’ll never forget the sparkle in his eye and his grin when he would do stuff like that, or my Grandma’s voice in the background tinged with exasperation uttering one word…Caroll!

He would have looked great in this sweater, on occasions where they would dress up or just to putter around outside the cottage.

When swatching this cardigan, I took a simple cable pattern and altered one end of the cable. In doing so, it changed the texture of the cable and made me think of the Shagbark Hickory. The cottage was named for the Hickory trees in the yard. That is the emotive part behind the design. Home, comfort, loved ones of all kinds.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


One Response to “Design Discussion: Hickory Hollow”

  1. V Says:

    Hi JoLene,

    I have ordered both Red Rocks and the Hickory Hollow pattern from Black Water Abbey along with 10 Skeins of “bluestack.” for the cardigan. At $13 a skein, the color choice was VERY tough to make! 1st- I’m glad you designed these patterns in larger sizes! and 2nd. Can you please let me know if Hickory is knitted flat or in one piece to the armholes like Red Rocks?

    Looking forward to making these.


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