Alchemy Yarns: Bamboo

Okay, I have a confession. I sent out the swatches I was doing to send to Alchemy Yarns, and forgot to scan them. You’ll have to stay tuned, I guess.

I bought a skein of the Bamboo at the Shuttle Stop in Warsaw Indiana yesterday. I was in Warsaw to see my mother, Aunt Shirley, and Grandma Rhodes. They were making Norwegian Fish Balls (Herring Dumplings). I visited with them, had some dumplings, and went to the yarn shop.

I was tickled they had some in stock and now I have more to swatch with. This is a really nice yarn. It drapes nicely, has good stitch definition, and as I said before is light enough you could actually wear the garment in the summer time (outdoors, no less).

 I will be in Indianapolis this weekend, and think I will have to go to Knit Stop and Stitches and Scones. I don’t remember whether Stitches and Scones carries Alchemy Yarns, but I know Knit Stop does. I want to get some more Silken Straw, too.

Need more yarn, need more yarn….


2 Responses to “Alchemy Yarns: Bamboo”

  1. LaurieM Says:

    need is relative

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    VBG. So true.

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