Yarn Review & Shop Review: Alchemy at Stitches & Scones

Well I had a nice trip to Indianapolis. I went to Stitches and Scones in Westfield first, and it is always a pleasure going there. They have a fantastic selection and are always friendly and helpful. They give great service to everyone.

They have a wide range of Alchemy yarns, also, which is really what I was after. I sent some swatches off to Alchemy at the end of the week, but was out of their yarn to swatch with. I had some of the Silken Straw, and some of the Bamboo. It is my experience that I can get about 2 good size swatches out of a skein or ball of yarn in general. So, I needed more yarn. I bought the following: Silken Straw (semi-solid 38a foxglove), Bambo0 (colorway 11a, Dream), Sanctuary (92w Moonstone and 54w, Aquamarine) and  Haiku (26m Platinum).

The sanctuary is simply wonderful. It is 30% silk and 70% wool, there are 125 yards / 50 grams, and there are 6 stitches per inch. Wonderful drape, hand and stitch definition. I have some things which will work up nice in this yarn. Texture and lace, mostly.

The Haiku I did not see on the website yet. It is a lace weight 40% silk 60% mohair blend. 325 yards per 25 grams. Kid Seta has 230, Douceur et Soie  has 225, Kidsilk Haze has 227. So this is a bit finer.

Molly, the owner of Stitches and Scones carries other Alchemy Yarns as well.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


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