Design Discussion: Brambleberry

Bramble BerryThis ladies pullover is knit without your traditional type of edging out of Black Water Abbey Worsted Weight. Finished chest measurements are 40, 44, 48, 52, 56 inches. It has an average ease, and finished garment length is 23.5, 24, 24.5, 25, 25.5 inches. It is a feminine design which is very flattering, with it’s strong vertical lines.

This particular design was inspired by a patch of wild berries in my yard. We live on a little over 2 acres, in a house just over 100 years old. There are lots of trees – including walnut trees, crab apple, elderberry, and others. It is a good natural habitat for animals. In the spring we have lots of birds, who love the berries in the patch and the trees. I always know spring is here when I hear them all singing. And they stay, too, until it is time for them to leave for Winter.

I wanted to bring the berry patch into cold weather sweater, so I focused on color and stitch pattern to give the design the feel that I wanted.

Pink Heather was the perfect color, as it made me think of the berries. Next, since I was working in worsted weight, I knew that I would be using cables for the stitch patterns. If I were working in a lighter weight wool or a plant fiber, I would have chosen lace to create line. I had cables in mind, too, just from looking at the patch of arching canes. Very fluid and strong lines that would be well suggested in cables.

With that in mind I found the perfect stitch pattern. One of the reasons I think this design is successful in representing the feel that I wanted it to, is because I did not simply repeat the chosen stitch pattern over the whole garment. By working a small portion of the repeat over the bottom part of the sweater the long vertical lines are formed, which is repeated on the sleeves. On the yoke the whole stitch pattern is worked which gives the feel of the canes crossing back and forth. In the berry patch itself, that movement is a long, graceful arc. So even with the simple cable crossings which occur more frequently, the overall movement in the stitch pattern is more widely diagonal, as the eye follows not just the individual cable crossings, but the blocks of cable crossings, as they begin at the bottom edge and arc over the yoke, ending at the shoulders.

I chose not to put any edging at hem and sleeve cuffs. I had the design go right into the stitch pattern so that the detail would gradually build, drawing the eye up to the top of the garment and near the face of the wearer.

It is one of my favorites and is carried by most of my vendors. It works well in any number of worsted weight yarns and colors. As always feel free to choose what you love when working the design.
Peace and Knitting, JoLene


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