Design Discussion: Red Rocks

Red RocksThis Aran style sweater is knit out of Black Water Abbey 2-ply Worsted Weight in Rust. Finished chest measurements are 40, 44,048, 52, &56 inches. It was designed with 4 inches of ease, and is a unisex garment.

This particular design is the first one that I did with Black Water Abbey, and is one that I did for my husband Ed. He loves the color red, and when I decided to do a sweater for him I wanted it to be a little different.

I decided to use some traditional Aran stitch patterns, and chose a hot spicy Red after some of the stitch patterns made me think of rocks and Cacti.

In choosing something that has a strong regional identity as inspiration, an important element is color. This particular design would not have such a strong Southwestern feel if it did not have colors that suggested the Southwest. If I had chosen Burgundy, for example, it would have a completely different feel. So combined with the unusual color and stitch patterns that are either not used frequently (or not frequently together) gives this sweater the feel that it has…a little unexpected, a little unusual, a little exotic.

Men tend to prefer ribbing at the bottom of their garments, and this one has ribbing too but the stitch patterns flow into the ribbing. This is a much better treatment design wise, as it leads the eye into the stitch pattern than abruptly stopping it where the stitch patterns begin.

This pattern is carried by most of my vendors.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


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