Shipping to the UK: Nestucca Bay Yarns

Well I had a very kind knitter from the UK who posted to my blog today asking about Charlotte. I pointed her to my vendors (links under blog roll for those with online ordering that have my patterns on their web site). And she kindly let me know that Nestucca Bay Yarns ships to the UK. WooHoo!

That is a good thing to know, and one which I wanted to talk about. Nestucca Bay Yarns is located in Pacific City Oregon, and they have been very good to me. I like to promote local yarn stores as much as I can, and my vendors in particular. I have some really great people I do business with. Marilyn King of Black Water Abbey Yarns was one of the people who really got me going as a designer and she is a wonderful person as well. Pat Kirtland of the Yarn Barn (in Virginia) has been not only supportive of my design work, but is giving to the knitting community as well. Ruth Sybers of Knitter’s Treat is also a good resource for knitters and carries all of my patterns, however she does not have an online shopping cart.

But, back to Nestucca Bay Yarns. For those of you in the UK who are interested in my patterns, they carry a full line. Cheryl Dawson is very nice, and very helpful. If you ever get to Pacific City you should look them up. They are located in a tourist area, so visiting is not outside the realm of possibility.

We live in a day and age where our standard Brick and Mortar (B&M) yarn stores may not carry what we are looking for. Or your favorite B&M might just have a web site with mail order. In any case, these are not huge companies. I love supporting smaller businesses, as they often have good service and friendly manners. You don’t get lost among the numbers with them.

 I have had to rethink my definition of a local yarn store somewhat with the advent of the Internet. Things are more global now, and that has affected how I do my shopping. I still look to my local store first, and then if they do not have what I am looking for I look to one of my favorite on-line stores. Just as in any market, there are yarn stores that are open, warm, friendly, and a pleasure to business with. And there are stores that don’t give good service. I do believe that I work with some of the nicest people.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas…



2 Responses to “Shipping to the UK: Nestucca Bay Yarns”

  1. Sarah HB Says:

    Ok, how do you know about Mom’s swiping stuff off of their children?

    You can email me at sbridger3 at cox dot net

  2. JoLene Treace Says:

    Well, my sister and my mother (actually more my sister than my mom) both like to get whatever they can that I have made. It is a fun game for them and makes me feel good. If one of them gets something, the other is sure to comment. “Where’s MINE?”, “You could give it to me…”, or my sister’s most frequent, “humpf!” They don’t get much, truth be told, as most of what I do is swatches.

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