Newsletter “Stranded”, by Bonnie Franz

I was suprised to see the announcement in one of my knitting lists for designers that Stranded is in its final year of production. Bonnie wrote about this on her blog and I encourage you to read about it.

 It is a common plight for many of us who design. On her Blog she wrote about her situation on the Feb 21 post. If you click the link later, you may need to scroll back a bit.

Unfortunately there are many who think $5 for a pattern is too much.  When you see one of my patterns in a shop for $6, I have to sell around 400 to break even on the cost of the design. There are a lot of us independent designers that don’t sell 400 of one single pattern in a single year. I have one that I have, but most do not.

 Food for thought it is. Support the work of the many talented designers out there that you enjoy. Spread the word that making a copy of the pattern of a friend is not only against copyright law but also contributes to designers being in the situation of having to work outside of the design business (they do in order to pay their bills…which leads to less time for design and less patterns).Many think once they purchase the pattern they can do as they wish, since they own the pattern. Actually you own a copy of the pattern, not the pattern itself (you are not actually purchasing the right to distribute the pattern yourself, you are purchasing the right to make the item yourself).

While I consider myself fortunate in that my profession as a nurse allows me to work part time so that I have some time for design, it isn’t easy juggling both. I never went into knitting design hoping I could do it as a full time job, knowing that it is not usually financially possible. But I am happy doing what I am doing.

So, that is my story today I guess. If you hear someone complaining about the cost of patterns, be empathetic but where you can, help inform.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


2 Responses to “Newsletter “Stranded”, by Bonnie Franz”

  1. Melanie Says:

    $5 for a pattern is a steal. Creating something from scratch was a real eye opener for me. I spent hours swatching and perfecting and doing the math to get the border repeats to work. Many, many hours and that doesn’t even consider production costs.

  2. JoLene Treace Says:

    I think it is, too. I can imagine the hours you put into your work…I know how many I put into mine!

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