Knitters and Knitting: Finding Inspiration

Arctic Diving DuckI was delighted to be part of the Knitting Retreat by Temptations ( a yarn store located at 35 S. High Street, Dublin, Ohio 43017). It was held at the Cherry Valley Lodge this past weekend. The weekend was a wonderful time of knitting, relaxing, and inspiration. Along the way I met some new friends, chatted with some old ones, and had such a good time it was hard to come home (even though I missed my husband).

 My students were great. They were at all different levels, but one thing I loved was their enthusiasm. It is such fun when we are knitting and that light bulb goes on and we have an “AHA!” moment. The enthusiasm builds and our minds race with the possibilities. Our fingers itch to work on that fabulous new yarn we just bought, and the time goes just too fast.

I have not shared a picture lately so thought I would share this one. As many of you know, I am inspired quite a bit by nature (our creator is a wonderful artist). I love the colors in this Arctic Diving Duck. I took this picture at the San Diego Zoo a couple years back when we were there for the AORN congress (my husband is a nurse also, and is the manager in Surgery at our local VA; we go to the big convention for the organization for OR and Peri-Operative nurses every year).

Right now I am thinking about spring, although it is a little late design wise. I may have to design something from this little duck for next year though. The fun thing about this is I could go with the colors, as there is such an interesting colorway, or I could go with texture and my imgaination with stitch patterns.

So much can be inspiring when we open our eyes to what is beyond our knitting. We can often want to stay in the confines of our stitching, not realizing that so much that we encounter can add richness to the knitting we do.

 Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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