Design Process: Forest Park Dresser Scarf

Hot of the design table, here is Forest Park…a dresser scarf knit out of Suri Elegance (a laceweight alpaca). This design was submitted to Storey Publishing, for the call for submissions for the second One Skein Wonder book. The design came about from my desire to have a piece of lace for my dresser, that would be antique looking as well as modern.Forest Park Dresser Scarf

I took for my inspiration the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, as seen in Oak Park, Illinois, and River Forest, Illinois. His first home and studio (as an adult, married man) was built in Oak Park, and this home as well as many of his other early works can be seen in this neighborhood.

His early works were not in the Prairie style, but were more in the prevailing style of the day. His work evolved into what we know as Prairie Style. There was a connection between the home and the land it was situated on in Wright’s style. His own home overlooked what was in the time it was built undeveloped prairie.

In choosing a yarn, I wanted something that was delicate and airy, so I knew I would want a true lace weight yarn. I also wanted a luxurious natural fiber. The natural fiber would be necessary as a design element in that it reflected the aesthetic of the Prairie Style that Wright pioneered. Since this was a decidedly elegant and fancy piece, in that it is finery for my dresser, I wanted it to have a bit of an opulent feel. The lace weight Alpaca thus satisfied the need for a natural fiber and the luxurious feel that was wanted. The yarn has a little bit of a fuzz as well, which gives it a different feel than if it had been a slick yarn such as silk. It is at once elegant and casual, and fits in perfectly in my 100+ year old home.

The fuzz gives it a warmth that fits in well here. If I had a sleek modern apartment, I would probably have gone with silk, depending on my furnishings. This will eventually come out in pattern, whether it appears in the new book or not. I have not heard back yet whether it will be included or not. A lot depends on what other items are going to be in the book, as a submission may be beautiful but just not fit with the other items that were chosen. I will let you know when it will be out, but until then you can enjoy the picture.


3 Responses to “Design Process: Forest Park Dresser Scarf”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Forest Park is lovely. It would make a nice stole too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on choice of materials. One of the things I most love about the internet is the view it gives us of the same design with many interpretations when done in different materials.

  2. JoLene Treace Says:

    Thank you! I had rather thought when I put it in a pattern leaflet, that I will have a scarf, a stole, and a dresser scarf. I think it would be very pretty as a Ruana or Gaban, too, but I would have to do a different edging (or maybe even a garter stitch border) if I did a Ruana or Gaban. I’ll have to think about that part, but I will at least be doing the scarf, stole and dresser scarf trio.

    It is really interesting looking at what different people use, isn’t it? Just a different yarn and the resulting difference in texture can really change how something looks and feels.

  3. Melody Brunty Says:

    WHat a beautiful dresser scarf! It’s just what I am looking for! I’d like to make it for my Mom for Christmas and I’m trying to find her a new dresser and I can wrap the scarf up and place it inside the dresser drawer!
    You are so talented!

    Where can I find the pattern , please?
    Please email back!

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