Stock Photography and Shameless Self Promotion

Well, I guess it is only shameless in that I have to tell you upfront I have all of 2 photographs at Dreamstime, a stock photography (royalty free) site that I have used for other projects. If you need a picture of an American Flag or a Wart Hog, well, you know where to look. I have uploaded a picture of 2 prairie dogs as well.

They do have some pictures related to knitting, so it is worth looking at. For $1 a pop it is a great buy. Oh yes, in the interest of disclosure, I do get a percentage if you click on a banner link from my website (although to be honest, I don’t remember what it is supposed to be or how it works).

 If you want to bypass that, you can google them at Dreamstime or click Dreamstime (text link above). They really do have some great photography for you bloggers out there or others who have either a need for stock photography, or those who have photographs that they sell as stock photography.


One Response to “Stock Photography and Shameless Self Promotion”

  1. Phil Granger Says:

    Well Joelene,

    If I ever need an Americn flag or warthog, I’ll know just where to go but….
    at $1 piece, howcan ay photorapher hopeto make any kind of money… let alone maintain or upgrade their kit???
    I found to be THE best of the best when it comes to value for money and quality… and that’s for both the buyer and the photographer!
    The high res’ images are 340dpi at 30cm x 210cm so big enough for print quality double page spread and are only £40/$77.50 with discounts when you buy more than one at the same time OR over a period!
    They also have another option where for the price of one high res’ photo, you can download and use as many medium res’ photos from the library as you want or commercial use!
    Seeing as the original photos have been taken with slide film(Fuji Velvia) or on digital using a Nikon Dx and Nikon D2x…. by professionals…. IT’S GOT TO BE THE BEST DEAL AROUND!
    To date, they have over 200,000 stock photos online and more offline available upon request.
    I’m more than happy with them and so are my clients, whether it’s print or web!
    I’d sugest paying their site a visit…. you might end up making 40 times what you could make if you sold your warthog!!!
    Did I mention that they also don’t take ANY commission!!!??? – There’s a reason behind itas it’s become a community and everyone’s there to help each other!
    Hope this may help you or other photograpers who might be reading this.

    All the Best


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