Viini ja ruusuja – Wine and Roses

Here is an interesting blog I ran across in my blog stats. Till Dawn is a blog from Finland, and Wine and Roses was a design talked about on the blog. It does have English text underneath the regular text. It is interesting seeing what knitters are up to in other countries, and for those of you who are bilingual, my hat is off to you.

It always amazes me where I run into designs of mine that knitters are working on. Many of you know I work part time as an RN (registered nurse) at a local hospital. I am a house float, so I work all over the hospital. One evening when I was working in the ICU (intensive care unit), I was showing off the newly published Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick, as I have three designs in it. One of the ICU nurses said “You are going to be famous one day, and I can say I worked with you!” I laughed and said, “you mean, I empty bed pans with her!” I am quite certain that without being in the league of Lilly Chin, Melissa Leapman, and so on, that I will still be working part time as a nurse no matter what twists and turns occur in my career as a knitting designer. That is quite okay, as I am happy with what I am doing. Although in all honesty I would like to do a book and I have some ideas up my sleeve…

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


6 Responses to “Viini ja ruusuja – Wine and Roses”

  1. Marika Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog ! I am really enjoying my new mitts, thank you so much about that wonderful pattern. It would be very nice to read your knitting book, so I keep thumbs up with that.

    Marika from sunny Finland

  2. JoLene Treace Says:

    Marika, you are most welcome, and thank YOU for knitting them and writing about them. I’ll be sure to mention it on the list when the time comes.

    I really enjoyed looking at your blog, it is always interesting seeing what people are doing from other countries. My great grandparents were scandinavian (Norwegian), so there is a special place in my heart for all things scandinavian (particularly Norway, of course).

    Hope you have a great day!


  3. Marika Says:

    What a coincidence ! My brother-in-law is living in Oslo, Norway. He is working there as a nurse. I have always loved Norway and its beauty ! we visited Oslo last time 1998 and now we are going to there for a week in May. I post some photos from there in my blog after that trip. I can´t wait to see those wonderful yarns as well !

  4. JoLene Treace Says:

    An interesting coincidence, indeed! My great grandmother, Helga Niebeck, came from either Bergen. My great grandfather, Peder Orsund, came from Christiansen (Christianson?). I am not sure of the spelling. My great grandfather came through Ellis Island during “the great migration” in the early 1900’s, and my great grandmother went first to Canada to join family there, and then they came to Wisconcin in the Midwestern United States. My great grandfather also settled in Wisconcin (Rice Lake), and they both were hired as domestic help at a very large farm (I was able to see the farm where they met as workers, and the barn is nicer than many fancy homes I have seen). I have distant family in Norway, and of course my great grandparents and some of their cousins are buried in the church yard in Rice Lake. My grandmother has a brother who still lives in Rice Lake, Uncle Henry. He is very fun loving and full of mischief. When they would get in trouble, they would have to cut a switch from the Willow tree that they would then be swated with. Uncle Henry told me he kept it well pruned (after commenting that the tree was no longer there). I found myself asking “What’d you do, kill it?”. He is a good sport and had quite a laugh at that. His wife told me that probably did, so I did not feel too bad.

    What yarns do they like to use in Norway? I of course think of Dale of Norway, and I know they are a Norwegian company, but that does not mean that is one that is used a lot in Norway. Might be more of an exported yarn. Rauma is another that I really like. The colors on the finnulgarn are out of this world fantastic.

    Lucky you, a week in May. I will have to look for your pictures. Someday I would like to visit Bergen, see the fjords and the home of Edvard Grieg, as well as the Bergen Fish Market and some of the buildings that date back to medieval times.

  5. Aunt Patty Says:

    Hi Jolene, Grandma Helga’s last name was Nybak. I have also found Grandma Helga’s lost brother Sigurd. Helga at one time I have been told owned sme property in Alberta Canada. She was also worked at a maid for a wealthy family in Chicago.

    • jolenetreace Says:

      Thanks Aunt Patty! Now I know why I had trouble looking up Grandma’s cousin Arnie. (Arne?). The painter in California. I’ll have to Google him again. I was delighted to see you had read my blog and very flattered. VBG.

      Love you! JoLene

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