Reader’s Blog: Knitting On Impulse

Knitting On Impulse is another fascinating blog I have run into when looking at my blog stats. There is a section that shows links people click on to get to my blog, and that is where I look to find some of the interesting sites I have been able to share with you. There is some really beautiful photography, as well as some very interesting discussion on color. A well done job.

I really am going to need to go through my pages and add some of the blogs I have shared with you and put them in the blog roll.

I wish you all the very best…

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


2 Responses to “Reader’s Blog: Knitting On Impulse”

  1. Fredda Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your “list” of bloggers. Creativity is alive and well; what a wonderful influence you are as a designer. Not only do you show your designs, but you also share the design process as well as the trials and tribulations of being an independent designer.

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Thank you Fredda! Thanks for stopping by…For those who don’t know Fredda, you can catch her site at The Knitting Vault where there is a very nice selection of Downloadable patterns from a variety of Independent Designers (including a few of mine).

    I think part of what I do is out of a desire to empower knitters to become more involved in their knitting in a personal way, both by knowing what is behind that gotta knit project and by teaching about design in a way that hopefully doesn’t make eyes glaze over. Also, education as far as what all is involved I think helps us, as consumers, appreciate how much is involved in the patterns that we purchase. When asking why we should shell out money when there are free patterns available, it helps to know what is involved. We have a better sense of the value of what we have.

    Thanks for the positive feedback, I appreciate it.

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