It’s a Kni-tea Idea! Stitch & Tea at Culinary Teas

I have mentioned Culinary Teas before, the tea store in Syracuse Indiana where I buy my teas (mind you I was a tepid tea drinker at best before trying theirs, and now I drive two hours round trip to buy the stuff). I won’t purchase tea anywhere else. Yes, it is that good. You can order online, but if you get the chance it really is fun to go and smell the different teas and sample what they have brewing that day. But I digress.

The first Wenesday evening of the month, from 5 to 8 pm, they have been holding a “Stitch -n- Tea”. Denise is the contact person at Culinary Teas, 574-528-6354. If I did not have plans for this evening already, I would have gone in a heartbeat. I think it is a great idea. It isn’t restricted to knitting, other types of needlework are welcome, so if crochet or embroidery is your thing, you can do that too. Tea and Chai Lattes (YUM!!!) will be provided by Denise Yoder.

 They do have a group at Yahoo, if you want to check them out online.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


3 Responses to “It’s a Kni-tea Idea! Stitch & Tea at Culinary Teas”

  1. Marika Says:

    How wonderful idea !! I wish that someone could do same in Finland too. Luckily we have knitting and cross stitch meetings among friends. I love tea too but I also drink coffees like espresso and cafe latte as well.
    Happy Easter to You and Your family !

  2. Linda Says:

    I don’t know how else to contact you:

    Charlotte Shawl and Scarf: I’m planning on making one of these in Zephyr laceweight, doubled (5060ypp). Can you give me the approximate yardage for each?

    Thank you!

  3. JoLene Treace Says:

    Dear Linda

    Ah, I wish I could. You can actually do it singly, if you wish, although you can do it doubled also. I would guess that doubled, it would be similar to fingering weight, and that you would want about the same weight in yarn as that on the pattern, plus some extra for the “fudge” factor. That’s how I would estimate it for my project, anyway. I am in the midst of working up some of the lace in yarns such as Helen’s Lace (very similar to the zephyr) so that I have photographs of the projects in both weights. The other thing you can do is knit a swatch and block it. Weigh the swatch, measure it and figure the square inches of the swatch. Do this by measuring the length, and the width, and multiplying the two. Next, look at the finished dimensions of the piece (I don’t remember if this is on the pattern or not, as I don’t always list that with lace as it varies with the yarn being used, look either at the beginning or through the directions, which will give you a length to knit to if it doesn’t give dimensions to block to). Figure the sqare inches for the finished piece. If the directions do not give you a blocked width (again, this can vary depending on the weight of yarn used) look at your swatch. You can determine what your finished width is by looking at how many stitches you have in a given width and comparing that to the number of stitches you have in your cast on. Okay, now divide the finished stitches per inch by the swatch stitches per inch. This is how many times that amount of yarn it took to do the swatch will go into the finished piece. Now, multiply that number (how many times it goes into the finished piece) by the weight of the swatch. This gives you the total amount in weight that you need for the finished project.

    As for getting ahold of me, this place works. Also, look on the top left hand corner of the front page of the pattern. My logo and email address are located there on every pattern. You can also find a link to contact me on my website that I share with Katherine Misegades,

    Hope this helps!

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