When the Cat is away…Or, where the heck have you been?

Time goes by fast. With blogs, too much time is not a good thing. With knitting, well, I don’t know how that relates unless you have been able to get in some good knitting time.

 I have been busy with non-knitting related things due to my job. I work part time as a nurse, and we just had our round of annual mandatory everythings. Inservices related to both nursing and not, skills labs, ACLS. I was very happy to have that all behind me and get back to my knitting.

I have in the meantime taught at a retreat for River Knits. That was a lot of fun, and we did counterpanes. There were around 30 participants, and they were a pretty good group.  They seemed to enjoy the class and that is always a very good thing. River Knits itself is in Lafayette and is a wonderful yarn store.

 On my way to the retreat I stopped at Stitches and Scones in Westfield, just north of Indianapolis. They have a very nice selection of yarn too. If I lived closer I would be in there all the time.

Right now I am trying to finish up some over due designs. That should not take too long and then they can go off to the test knitters. I want to have 2 new designs for Black Water Abbey at Stitches Midwest, as well as 1 for Interlacements. An ambitious schedule to be sure when working part time. Actually I would like to do more, there is a shawl pattern and a revision on Calliope, a design that was licensed to KnitPicks for a year. That would be the minimum in a perfect world.

I have been trying to find some 1.75mm circular knitting needles. They are not made anymore, though they used to be. What a bummer! If any of you out there have any that you are willing to sell, let me know. Meanwhile I have purchased some of the new Addi Lace circulars. They are very nice, but they need more smaller sizes. There are some who are emailing and requesting that they consider the 1.75mm and other small sizes, so if you are one who is wishing for a particular size, go to Skacel’s web site and drop them an email. They need to know there is a demand for the smaller needles.

On the home front, we had to have Taffy put down a couple weeks ago. She was a good dog, and we miss her, but we are glad she is not suffering anymore. She got very sickly there at the end, and when she didn’t eat and her tail wouldn’t wag, we knew it was time.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


4 Responses to “When the Cat is away…Or, where the heck have you been?”

  1. janna Says:

    Glad you’re back! And I’m sorry about Taffy — even when you know it’s the right thing, it’s hard.

  2. Chris Says:

    Sorry for your loss. I hope life slows down so you can get those designs out!

  3. Betty Says:

    Sorry to hear about Taffy. I dread the day we have to make that decision.

  4. JoLene Says:

    Thank you, ladies! It is always a decision one anticipates with dread. In the end it is a trade off. The pain of seeing them suffer and be sickly with nothing you can do to ease it, or take them in. It isn’t an easy decision, as I really do value life. It was a matter of time with Taffy, and we hated to see her suffer.

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