My New Best Friends: Adventures in Lace Knitting

As some of you know, I have been DESPERATE in my attempts to find a 00 (1.75mm) lace needle. Only someone who knits lace at a fine gauge would understand this. I have searched high and low and just about worn out google on my desktop.

 I had a moment of serendipity when I joined the Lace Knitting list on Yahoo. By the way, to those of you on this list who are stopping by to look at my blog, a friendly hello. I knew as this is a large list with designers and experienced Lace Knitters, that if anyone would know it would be them.

Also as many of you know, Skacel is working on extending their needle range in the new lace knitting needles in the Addi Turbo line. They had better move quick, as there are a lot of us out there anxious for the desired needle size. I look at it like the search for the golden fleece, or the Holy Grail (the chalice that Christ was supposed to have sipped from at the Last Supper). HiyaHiya is company from China that produces Stainless Steel, Bamboo, Rosewood, and Ebony needles. Their distributor in the US is the Knitting Zone.

One of my new list sisters sent me an email that was posted to the group last week regarding circular needles and this company. I have heard (and I called the Knitting Zone to confirm) that there will be a 00 (1.75mm) circular in the offing within the next two months. Reportedly all the way down to a 6-0 (I don’t have a clue what a 000000 is in a mm).  Stainless Steel, so it should be fairly hardy.

I am very excited, and I have my name added to the list that the Knitting Zone is compiling for those who want email notification when they are in.  Thank you, thank you, HiyaHiya, The Knitting Zone, and the Lace Knitting Yahoo group. When they come in, I will keep you posted. Cheers to HiyaHiya, and a friendly nudge to Skacel to keep up. They may take long enough to get the smaller sizes out that folks will have gone elsewhere first and discovered a real gem.

In the meantime I am keeping my fingers crossed (mentally of course, wouldn’t want to prevent any serious knitting).

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


9 Responses to “My New Best Friends: Adventures in Lace Knitting”

  1. Romi Says:

    Hi JoLene! I just dropped by from the lace list to tell you how much I love your Zambesi River design. I bought it from Marilyn at BWA the first time I saw it. She was wearing it and it looked just stunning! Welcome. 🙂

  2. hege Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Lacis has circular lace knitting needles down to 1.5 mm (3-0). Here is their page, the lace needles are near the top.
    I really enjoy your blog and your beautiful designs! I first noticed them in Handknit Holidays 🙂

  3. JoLene Treace Says:

    Thanks Hege! Unfortunately, they don’t have any. I called when I saw it on their web page with no price. What I found out is interesting indeed. They are currently seeing if they can get one of their suppliers to make them for them. They saw the HiyaHiya needles, but decided they wanted to pursue this route as everyone seems to want this size. Skacel is going to be johnny come lately if they dally too long with smaller sizes, as Mary Frances at Lacis told me they hope to have them out this summer. Mary Frances told me what I have heard all around, and that is that they just are not made anymore. The manufacturers quite making them when the Anna (I think that is the name of the publication?) magazine that had the lace in it, quite being made. Lace knitting went out of Vogue for a time. I am so glad it is back and doing well, as it has been back long enough that it should not be a flash in the pan kind of thing.

  4. hege Says:

    Sorry I mislead you! That’s too bad they quit making Anna (Anna Burda?), I really like that magazine. I picked one up every now and then. But clearly lace is super popular right now, and I don’t foresee it going out of style. I think it’s the most addictive form of knitting!

  5. JoLene Treace Says:

    I don’t mind at all! I was very excited to hear that Lacis is taking the bulls by the horns, so to speak, and seeing about getting some made for them. I know a few of the details, but they are not really mine to tell. I can say they are talking with a well known manufacturer. And I can say that they are hoping to have a preview for TNNA (The National Needlework Association) tradeshow coming up in Columbus Ohio in June. I will be sure to report back what I hear.

    As for Anna, that was a really great magazine and I liked it a lot. It was nice that they had the mix they did. Perhaps with lace being “rediscovered” we will see a resurgence in some of the old masters coming back into print. Yes, lace is addictive!

    So it looks like there will be a choice for us with the small gauge knitting needles. I can hardly wait. I do hope Skacel will have an offering there, too.

  6. Amy Says:

    Oy! I just went through this exact same exercise, trying to find 00s to knit a Bohus sweater. I contacted Lacis, as well as quite a few other shops that had a wide selection of Inoxes, Aeros (my faves) and Addis — and came up completely blank. I will look for the Knitting Zone people — do they have a website?


  7. JoLene Treace Says:

    Dear Amy
    The address for the Web Zone is (it will be interesting to see who has them first). I’ll have to see if Skacel is going to be at TNNA, too, and see where they are at with their lace needles.

  8. Mary Says:

    Hi JoLene,

    I wandered across your site and I can confirm that we have the elusive 00 US needles on order from the HiyaHiya company. It shouldn’t be too long before they are available. We already stock 6-0 and larger, including 2-0 in steel double points.

    BTW, a 6-0 needle is .7mm

    Happy Knitting,


  9. jolenetreace Says:

    WooHoo! That is good news. I’ll have to pop over to the website and order a pair. It will be interesting to give them a test run. Thanks for the update!

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