Knitting Fever: The Buzz on Bramble Berry

Bramble BerryI have seen a lot of traffic over the last couple days. Looking at the blog stats, I am attributing it to two sources. One is the lace knitting list I belong to on Yahoo groups. I am new on the list, and I have the url to my blog and website in the signature of my emails and posts.

The other source appears to be forwarded emails or personal emails. There are a lot of knitters who are coming to my blog from mail servers. Naturally I cannot see the email. It will have some address that is not the email address, but an address of a mail server, and end in “mail”. What really fascinates me is that I am having 3 times the traffic on Bramble Berry, than I am the Lace Gaban I talked about on the lace list (Zambesi River). Now I am dying of curiosity. Somewhere out there, folks are talking about this design and coming here to look at it.

Buzz, of course, is music to a designer’s ears. We love exposure, it helps promote what we do. And there are many things that we do to help promote our work. As a designer, I want to be visible so that I develop name recognition and a following. Interestingly, there are knitters all over the country who “know” my work…just as there are ones who don’t. My youngest stepdaughter who lives in Dayton will tell me about people she has met who are from her area who have never heard of me, and run into people from another region of the country who do know my name. Having an on-line presence, as well as having been in different types of published sources, I am fairly removed from the impact of that presence because most of my contact is not in face to face.

As a designer, we don’t want to be forgotten. As a consumer, I know how irritating it is to be around someone who is frankly full of themselves. On the knitting lists I belong to, I tend not to post a lot, as I am on digest and much of the conversation has passed by the time I am reading it. Some lists have a lot of different individuals who are talented and expert knitters who are able to offer a lot to a conversation. Other lists tend to have a limited number of voices that offer that guidance. Either way, if there isn’t anything else to add I tend to skim through and call it a day. I don’t feel that an online presence as a designer means working the lists. I am there as a knitter, who happens to design. I don’t want anyone to feel like I am there to simply promote myself.

Don’t get me wrong, getting your name out is a good thing. But there is a balance between setting yourself up as the expert, to the point that other voices don’t get a chance to share. I am not there to be a beacon to the masses, as it were. I am there as a sister knitter. My thing happens to be design. If I can add something to the discussion, that is great. If I can’t well that is fine, too.

I do love it when people say “I have that pattern!”, or “I love that design!”. I love that I get to share in that creative experience. For me, it is double the fun that way. I have the joy of creating it, and the pleasure in someone elses excitement in their own knitting (one of my patterns!).

One of the things I started that I have not been able to get back to since I returned to work in November is my newsletter. I will tell you up front that the reason I do the newsletter is marketing. One thing I work hard on though, is not haveing something that is just me, me, me ,me , me, me. I think about what I would value as a knitter first. What would I like to see? I hate getting things that are advertisements thinly disguised as something else. There has to be a lot of value added content, besides a venue for me to show my designs.

In many respects this blog has been perfect, as it has allowed a way for me to connect with knitters who enjoy my work in a personal way, filling in the gap until I am able to turn my attention to the newsletter again. I have been working on content for that, there have just been to many irons in the fire to get it done.

I came across a blog that linked to mine one day, and the knitter stated that unlike blogs of many other designers, mine had some meat to it. Even on the pages where I talk about my designs, I have put it in a format where someone who is interested in the design process can learn about design by reading about why I made the choices that I did. I was really happy about that, as I strive for that balance. I do want people to be engaged when they vist my blog, or read my newsletter. It also gives knitters a chance to see what my style of communicating is like. Things are so much more interesting when they are personal.

So I find myself today, wondering what the excitement is about this pattern. I know there are a lot of you out there looking at it. True, it is a great design and flattering most figure types (if I say all, then someone somewhere will email me and say it didn’t look good on me). If any of you know, clue me in as I am dying of curiosity.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


2 Responses to “Knitting Fever: The Buzz on Bramble Berry”

  1. LaurieM Says:

    I tried Googling it for you, but no luck. It’s a lovely design. Perhaps someone popular just finished knitting one.

  2. JoLene Treace Says:

    It is a mystery. I wondered about that. I have had just a huge amount of traffic, which is why it has me so curious. The only thing that came close numbers wise was when a popular blog in Great Britain posted about my blog. Unfortunately this was before I started writing about blogs and putting a link to ones I come across. Thanks for loking.

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