I Ain’t Dead Yet: The Joys of Knitting with Fine Yarns

You know, one thing I did not anticipate when I went back to work last November was how long it would take me to get my stamina back. I think for the most part I am back to normal now. Life has a way of getting in the way for all of us. For a part time designer, it can be challenging to balance everything between Job, Design Business, Home and everything else.

 Happily things are starting to slow down, but I don’t expect that to last. In the Spring, there are the inevitable rounds of mandatory inservices and so on that are required of all hospital employees where I work part time. Then there are the mandatory nursing things. This year I also had ACLS and PALS (Advanced Coronary Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support), both of which require study and preparation prior to the 2 day event. I had both up for renewal this year.

Now the required stuff for my job as a nurse is complete for another year, and I can turn my attention to some of the great yarns that I saw (and recieved samples of) at TNNA. Oh, did I mention that we are getting ready to do some major renovating? If all goes well, our house will be just a little more than doubled in size. I finally will have my studio, finished, with all my stuff in one place. I have yarn all over the house. Upstairs, both bedrooms. Downstairs, under our bed, in my closet, in my computer desk, under the desk, stuffed in the bookcase, and in baskets and other knitting bags downstairs.

I need to regain order in my creative space. One of the things I did to do this was purchase some of those needlework cards (“Lo Ran” Master Cards) that I think are with cross stitch or embroidery supplies. I have gone through a good part of my downstairs stash and have samples of yarn knotted on the card, with the name of the yarn printed on the corresponding line. The cards have the yarns grouped by weight and or fiber content, depending on what it is. I have all the lace weights together, for example, while I have wool by itself and grouped according to weight of yarn.

The other thing that I have done is to purchase some plastic pockets with an index tab on the side that have a front clear pocket on top, that will hold an index card. I always used plastic sleevs of some sort that are meant to put in three ring binders for designs that I am working on, but now I can take notes right where I use it, rather than thinking “oh, I will remember to write this down later” when I don’t feel like running upstairs and getting the notebook I started using for that.

This evening I had a question from my test knitter and I needed to clarify something. Mind you, I wrote 95% of this pattern over a year and a half ago and recently dusted it off so I could get caught up on designs that have been waiting to be finished. That can really be a challenge when it isn’t fresh on your mind.

I was able to take the file out of its pocket, and figure out what the test knitter needed to know, and then I pulled the index card out of its pocket and noted what the question was and what my answer was. It feels like I should be hitting a button that chants “That was Easy” (thank you, Staples, I will forever remember the easy button!).

One thing that is nice about this is I have a number of things that I am working on that is all together now. Which leads me back in a round about way to yarn overtaking my home. Out of sight, out of mind…so there it sits, where I can see it and remember what I wanted to do when I start playing with this one or that one. And right now there are a number that I am excited about.

TNNA this year had a large number of really nice fine gauge yarns. Yes! I was so happy about that. I could hug every sock knitter out there, as the news from the front is that is one reason why there are so many fine gauge yarns coming out right now (sock knitters).

I have some yarns from Naturally, one of which is a wonderful bamboo called Stella. I just love it. The only thing I have noted that is not perfect about this yarn is that you do need to be careful so that you are not splitting the yarn. I think it wants to be a tank top…but I like to have plus sizes in the range of pattern sizes that I right. Such a dilemma. I never wear anything sleeveless as I am  plus size myself. What I am swatching right now would also make a wonderful cardigan.

The other yarn I have played with is Dawn (also from Naturally), which is a wool and silk blend. It is another very nice yarn.  There is the Buffalo that I have, too (yarn). I am hoping to do some desin work for the Buffalo Gold folks.

So much yarn, so little time. Here is keeping my fingers crossed that things remain smooth sailing.

 Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace

P.S. Today is my birthday! WooHoo! I am now 44. I went to the zoo today with my sister and her daughter, my niece Sarah. I always find the zoo inspiring. Then I went to dinner with my husband in the evening.

Just in case you are wondering, I have one design at the test knitter now, and will have LaMancha (a breed of Dairy Goat) in pattern leaflet sometime in August. Also coming, a project in Story Publishing (their 2nd one skein wonder book). Egads I am tired. Time for bed, time for bed.


4 Responses to “I Ain’t Dead Yet: The Joys of Knitting with Fine Yarns”

  1. connie Says:

    Happy belated birthday! 🙂 And it’s so good to hear that fine gauge yarns are back! I don’t like working with yarns with a gauge larger than 5.5 sts/in. I really hated that big wool phase where everything was 3 sts/in.

  2. Katie Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. jolenetreace Says:

    Hmm, I may have to make a more inclusive list. I certainly am with you there on the yarn. I really prefer lighter than worsted weight, but there is more of a market for it. Reynolds had a few there too that looked particularly appealing.

  4. connie Says:

    I like Rowan a lot – they make a lot of good DK weight yarns.

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