Independent Knitwear Designers: The Next 9

Here are some more sites to whet your knitting appetite. Believe me, there are some really neat sites in this ring. I wish I could show them all in one day but it would be too much to digest for both of us.

7. Felted Handbag Workshop has, as you may guess from the name, handbags galore. From the site: “Knitted/felted handbag, purse, tote and messenger bag patterns, designed to let you choose your own yarns to make YOUR bag YOUR way.” They have a link for hats as well (check out the Felted Millinery Department)

8. Freia and the Knitwhit is the blog for Tina Whitmore, of Knitwhits. Actually the blog is her personal blog with information on her dog, Freia, as well as her designs and other interests. From the Knitwhits website (there is a link from this blog to the site under Categories in the left column): “Knitwhits has been featured in Bust!, the Contra Costa Times Newspaper, CNA Magazine, Family Circle Easy Knitting, Interweave, Knit It!, Knitter’s, Knitting (UK), Newsweek, Spin Off, Vogue Knitting and Yarn Market News.”

9. Knitting at Knoon Designs is the site of designer Chris de Longpre. Most designs for adults go up to a 46″, but there are a few that are a bit larger. Her pattern leaflet selection includes accessories, children, and baby items as well. She is also a member of the Association of Knitwear Designers.

10. Goddess Knits is the website of Renee Leverington and the Mystery Shawl Along. She also has sock patterns. From the site: It all started with a Yahoo group called “Mystery Shawl Along”. From there Renee has continued to design more shawl patterns as well as socks and other accessories. The “Mystery Shawl Along” continues with a new shawl beginning about every other month. Interested in joining in the fun? Visit our “Mystery Knit Alongs” page to place your order. Did I mention how breathtaking these shawls are? you need to click on the thumbnail to see the detail in these wonderful designs.

11. Knitting in Color, from Nanette Blanchard, is a great site for lovers of stranded knitting. She has a number of booklets available and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Colorado House Rabbit Society, a non profit pet rabbit rescue. Sorry I cannot tell you more, but when I went to snoop around the page was temporarily unavailable. You can also look at the Nanette’s page on Lulu to see what is available.

12. Heartstrings Fiber Arts is the site of Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (Jackie E-S). Jackie is also a member of the Association of Knitwear Designers. She is a teacher, with traditional and online classes, and also has a line of patterns. Her patterns are extensively carried and the links on her website if you order online will be filled by stores that carry her patterns.

13. CFM Designs is the online home of Carol F Metzger. Carol has not only knitting and beaded knitting, but other art as well. She has links to her blog and etsy store on the site as well. Carol also teaches, and is involved in knitting as fine art.

14. Cultured Purl has purses, bags, totes, and accessories by Betsy Coyne. Bags of all types are great projects when you want a smaller project to do.

15. Sarah Louise Harper, another Association of Knitwear Designers member, has numerous patterns. Her site features children and adult patterns, with the adult patterns up to 52″ on some of the patterns. Interestingly, they offer a service of the finished product if you do not know how to knit. Click on Nut Moon Shop for details.

On the next list, ChicKnits and more!

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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