Wow! What Color! Knitting On Impulse

Knitting On Impulse has a post on September 13 called Patterns in Nature. This is a subject near and dear to my heart, as I am often inspired by nature.

In this post she has a photograph which is then converted to a graph, and some other little patterns to go with it. What a great sense of color. I can see it knit with silk and beads. Or just maybe silk. Not a lot of beads, just a few.

I am going to pop back later to this site myself, as there is a lot to look at. The photography alone is quite inspiring. She has a web store also with Artisan Jewelry. Can you hear me groaning? Groaning because it really is too lovely and I know I am going to have to get some.

At any rate, an enjoyable read and thanks for the link on your blog roll.


4 Responses to “Wow! What Color! Knitting On Impulse”

  1. angelarae Says:

    Fill that well, girl! Fill that well:)


  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Indeed. VBG. It is a BIG well, I might add.

  3. angelarae Says:

    Of course, it is. All that beautiful design work is coming from somewhere!


  4. Ruth Says:

    I am honoured! Thanks for the mention!

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