Creative Food for Thought: Knitterly Inspirations

As you know, I don’t strictly look towards the world of knitting for inspiration. I have a lot of creative things that I enjoy, including photography. I thought I would share a few pictures with you that I retrieved from my Data Recovery when my hard drive crashed this summer.

Lawn ChairsI don’t know about you, But I have been wondering where the summer has gone. I think that is why this picture speaks to me. I took this picture a couple years ago when I purchased my second digital camera (it comes with a 12x zoom and I was trying it out). We have a little more than 2 acres, and these two lawn chairs were farther from my front door than your typical suburb lot.

They are sitting in our yard, under an arbor. I think they look quite inviting, and when I edited the picture in Photoshop I could have sharpened the image more (most digital pictures need some sharpening, something not entirely noticeable unless you have worked with photoshop).

At any rate, I wanted the image to look a little soft and hazy. Soft and hazy, like a cozy memory of a lazy summer day. There is a lot of contrast in this picture, too, so the softness is important so that the picture due to the lighting doesn’t make you long for air-conditioning.

Purple Coneflower Here is a picture of a purple coneflower that I took in our yard. If you click on the image you will see a litte bigger image, which is worth a look. It is amazing how many colors there are in this picture. I kept the contrast in this picture, and applied just a little sharpening. It is worth a click just to get a closer look and see how many colors you can see. Can you picture this in a colorway? I know I can. Notice how the dark background really makes the light colors pop. It is the contrast that does this. Along with the dark greens and olives, there are some lovely pale red violets, bright yellows, orange. There are more. Sometimes I like taking closeups as they reveal the detail that our eyes somehow gloss over.

This is a picture that I took of an American Flag (duh!) that flies over an auto dealer in Fort Wayne. It can be seen on Coliseum Blvd. I wish I could give you the statistics on this flag,Old Glory but I honestly don’t remember and a Google search did not turn it up. I can only tell you it is absolutely huge. This shot was taken with my 12x zoom, across the road at the mall . The original image has more detail (there is only so much you can see at this size and resolution). Notice the strong feel of movement in this picture. I know you are thinking well, the wind is blowing it, but the diagonal lines in the picture are what gives it the feel of movement.

So what does this have to do with knitting? Nothing directly, they are just examples of expressing feeling, reflecting the world around us, and motion via design choices. And these things do relate to our knitting.

How much detail do we want? What kind of texture will certain choices give? Do those choices give the feel that we want? Do they express the energy or movement that we want? If you are a really energetic person, you might like a busier stitch pattern that has a lot of diagonal movement. Then again you might appreciate a simple stockinette stitch sweater that has some special little shaping details because of the rest it gives.

In art, the eye is always draw to areas of the most contrast.

I hope you all have good days

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


One Response to “Creative Food for Thought: Knitterly Inspirations”

  1. Theresa Says:

    That flag photo is gorgeous!

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