A Matter of Perspective: Design and the Unexpected

One of the things I do a little differently in knitting design, I have been told, is how I take inspiration from things and apply that inspiration to all the parts of the design process. I use a rather Fine Arts approach.

I recently received a call for submissions from a publisher whose list I am on, for designs for a book focusing on items that are simply elegant. That is a tough one for me, as I have a love of detail. Nevertheless, it can be done and I have some great ideas.

Looking up the meaning of the word Elegant is quite instructive. I love things that are a little unexpected, things with a little something different that make them special.

I haven’t shared a photo for awhile, and here is one of a Giraffe that I took at our local zoo. The composition of this photo is, in my opinion, quite unique. GiraffeHow often do we see Giraffes in this position? Sometimes looking at things from a different perspective or view point makes the difference between cookie cutter design and unique or artistic design.

A different perspective might mean focusing on a different part of the stitch pattern for color changes in a fairisle, or it might mean changing the way the eye is drawn through the design by changing the line of the stitch patterns (which gives a feeling of more energy or more rest, depending on what you do).

I have fun with perspective in photography, and my fun runs the gamut of extreme close-ups to different vantage points. It gives me an appreciation for detail and focus and how that affects a composition (or my designs).

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


2 Responses to “A Matter of Perspective: Design and the Unexpected”

  1. changcon Says:

    Hi JoLene, Thanks for posting your thoughts on design. It’s hard to express these things in words, but you did an admirable job of it. Plus, I love the picture of the giraffe in repose with his spotted skin against the green of the lawn.

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Thank you! We are hoping to get our remodeling started soon (I gain a new studio with a gas fireplace out of it). I am going to have prints made of some of my favorite photographs, including this one.

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