My Invite to Ravelry

Well, I received my invite from Ravelry about a half hour ago. Right now I am unwinding after an evening shift at the hospital. One of the things I love about nursing is I love helping people. But, my creative self would rather be working on a new knitting design.

I had rather wondered as an independent designer whether anyone on Ravelry would be working on one of my designs. Chrisknits, an online buddy I met on one of my knitting lists was one of the folks with a picture of a design (the Keefley mittens from Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick). I was really rather suprised to see the number of projects out there.

I will be looking through the site and figuring out how things work as the days progress. One of the things that I will like about it is being in more of an interactive environment. I am fairly isolated in my knitting world. I belong to the Dayton Knitting Guild, but that is a good 2 hours one way. The Fort Wayne Knitting Guild meets once a month in the evening, and that may be an option.

One of the things I love about events like Stitches is the opportunity to get together with other knitters.

For those on Ravelry already, maybe I will see you there. My user name (although I don’t have anything entered myself yet) is JTreace. Can you believe the name JoLene was taken? What are the odds of that? Not a common name, to be sure…plus the uppercase L in the middle to boot. Amazing how many people have thought, over the years, that my middle name was Lene.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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