Interweave Knits Winter 2006 Issue: Sells Out Soon!

If any of you are thinking of getting this issue, you may want to get one soon. I spoke with Jade Sapphire Exotics, and there are less than 30 issues left.

The Wine and Roses Mitts that I had in the Winter 2006 issue were out of their yarn, and I had called to ask about obtaining a color card of their Lacey Lamb, a luscious lace yarn that knits and blocks like a dream.

I will be putting this pattern in a leaflet at the earliest opportunity. Probably when the magazine sells out, as there is nothing stipulated in my contract with Interweave regarding when I can do so (I retained the rights to do so however, so that is not the issue).

It isn’t a good idea to put out a pattern too soon to when it came out in a magazine though. And while I retain the rights to my designs in Handknit Holidays I would not be putting the patterns in a pattern leaflet at this time for the same reason. The book is still in print.

Still, with the Mitts it will be soon.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


2 Responses to “Interweave Knits Winter 2006 Issue: Sells Out Soon!”

  1. Pat Says:

    Hi! I’ve lost my 2009 Holliday issue and have copied only part of the Wine and Roses Mitts pattern. Is there a chance of getting the rest of the pattern? I have pages 70, 72, and 74. I was looking for the glossary as I’m not sure that I’m making the stitches correctly. Any help in this manner would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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