All I Want is Yarn

I mentioned several days ago I would write about some yarns I picked up at Stitches & Scones in Westfield Indiana. Whenever I am in Indianapolis, I make a point of going to this yarn store.

I was in search of yarns for a call for submissions from Interweave Knits for a book they have in the works. Sure, I have like a million odd balls of yarns of all kinds in my “yarn room” upstairs (it isn’t big enough to qualify as a studio, though hopefully I will have one of those by this time next year). To be honest, I wanted to play with something new. Something fresh. maybe something I really liked that I forgot about. Maybe something that I had tried but didn’t have enough of to swatch with.

I emailed Molly to ask about a few that I was looking for specifically, and when I left the store I had the following:

Savoy, a yummy silk and merino blend (in a lovely chocolate brown color and white), Wool Bamboo (two balls), Indulgence, Silke Tweed (two balls), Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk (two skeins), Linen Isle, and Princess (two balls).

Also purchased, but not at Stitches & Scones, Misti Alpaca DK 4 Ply (80% Baby Suri Alpaca and 20% silk), Classic Alpaca, Korella (a linen and acrylic blend form Gedifra), Sirdar’s Baby Bamboo, and Svale from Dale of Norway.

I don’t know if any of you remember the Bugs Bunny cartoons? I am thinking specifically of Daffy Duck when he would get in a cave with hidden treasure, and he would gleefully say “I am a happy miser!!!” I suspect that is what I looked like when I was sitting in the middle of the hotel room, trying to decide what I wanted to play with first.

Seriously though, yarn is an important design element. I know that is somewhat of a “duh” statement, but I think we can at times forget that. Not every yarn is suited to every purpose.

One of the interesting discussions going on in Ravelry is about what knitting rule you are rebelling against. It is fascinating to see what makes us all tick. Some of us have a need to rebel. For whatever reason. Maybe we don’t like being told that a particular way is the right way or the best way (regardless of whether it is or not). Maybe we have this picture in our minds about ourselves and we are exciting, chic, independent, or whatever adjective you want to insert if we are “rebellious”.

For myself I have never felt the need to rebel. Perhaps it is because I do what I feel is best for the design. I am a self taught knitter so I don’t have any preconceived ideas or influences that prod me to say so there and metaphorically shove my knitting needle in its eye. That would explain why I am particular about my knitting. As I am self taught, I have had no benefit of a teacher to help me learn what “the right way is”. I have had to figure it out on my own.

There are certain rules I have learned from reading, that I follow as it makes for better knitting. There are times where I break with tradition. Not because I need to rebel but because, again, it makes the design stronger or makes my knitting better.

For example, I love the Channel Island Cast On. Who says you cannot use it on other things besides Ganseys? Using it in other applications is more creative than anything.

I will be happily finishing up my swatching for the call for submissions tomorrow. I have a little something that I want to knit up with the Korella, and I just may use the Channel Island Cast On, paired with a lacey stitch pattern. At least one with enough yarn overs to give it a lacey feel, even though at that gauge and with the amount of yarn overs that form the pattern I don’t think there is enough to truely classify it as lace.

There just are not enough hours in the day. Thanksgiving may just have to wait this year.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


2 Responses to “All I Want is Yarn”

  1. angelarae Says:

    Really need to write an article with links about the different kinds of cast-ons. Understand, I am not a technical knitter…more like a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants knitter. But, that channel Island Cast-on is one I haven’t heard of. So, how many different kinds of Cast On’s are there, oh designer guru? And were I to want to write said article, where would be a good place to start?


  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Ang, you always brighten my day. When my husband comes home I am going to tell him I am a guru.

    There are lots of cast-on’s, interestingly enough and they all have different uses that they seem to be best for.

    This will be wordy so I will continue it in a post for today.

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