Interweave Knits & Books: Simple Style

Interweave Press has a long history of quality publications. They publish my favorite knitting magazine, Interweave Knits. I have many of their books for hand knitting. One of the things I love about their publications is that they do so much teaching. There is a lot in the art and craft of knitting that can take your knitting to such a different level of satisfaction.

My Wine and Roses Mitts, that were in the Winter 2007 issue, had originally been slated for their Lace Style book. Pam Allen had called me and asked if it would be okay to put it in the magazine instead, and I was delighted to have it in Knits.

I just heard from Ann Budd within the last week or two, and I have a design (Kazumi) that will be going into their new book they are working on, Simple Style. I am honored to be included in the book. While I cannot tell you right now when the book will be out (I frankly don’t remember and I don’t have the information in front of me), I can say that I will keep you updated.

Designing things that are meant to be simple was a challenge for me. I think because I associate so much of “simple” with “quick and easy”. To be honest, when I see “quick and easy” in the title of anything, it turns me off. I am not saying that I am never in the mood for something less challenging, I just don’t have that as my primary criteria for choosing anything. The quick and easy route is not what I want. I want what is best suited. I want  what is most satisfying. I want to savor what I enjoy. I don’t want to rush through my knitting so that I can get on to the next project to rush through, so that I can get on to the next project to rush through.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


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