Pockets of Time for Knitting

I was a little surprised to realize it has been almost a month since I last posted. My husband has been gone since last Wednesday, and I have done very little knitting in the meantime. Not because I don’t want to, but because there has been so much to do.

It has been exciting around here, too. With all the rain, they have not broken ground yet although everything is marked and staked.  I went to an Amish woodworking business today and picked out my bathroom cabinet. River Woodworking, in Wolcottville. Paul Yoder and his craftsmen have about the finest wood finish I have seen.

My other excitement for the day was when I drove to first Syracuse and then Wolcottville on a donut. Yesterday afternoon a stick mysteriously impaled itself into the sidewall of my left rear tire. In my drive. When I was turning to pull into the garage. I had 5 inches of stick bigger around than my pinkie on the inside of my tire. The offending stub jutted out about 2 inches on the outside or my tire and was as big around as my thumb. I called my insurance and they sent a roadside service over to put the spare on. The dealer was so busy today that they could not get to it. Tomorrow I get to go get a new tire put on.

Tomorrow I will get to knit, as I sit in the auto lounge with my lace knitting on my delicate and tiny needles.  Tomorrow, when I get home, I will knit some more. Tomorrow I am not doing dishes, I am not grocery shopping or doing the laundry, and I am not doing housework or going in to the hospital to work. Tomorrow I am taking time for my mind to unwind.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene


3 Responses to “Pockets of Time for Knitting”

  1. lea-ann Says:

    Hi Jolene . . . . Wolcottville????? 🙂 . . . How do I get in touch with River Woodworking as I have some cabinets I need made for my living room. And, would love to chat with you about designing a little more. Call when you’ll be in the area again so we can get together . . . Lea-Ann, 260-351-2260

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Hi Lea-Ann!
    Yes indeed. I found them through Olde Tyme Country Oak. Beautiful finishes on their wonderful furniture. I almost stopped by the shop on this trip, but had to get home. Too many errands to run. I’ll be coming through again though, and will certainly give you a call.

    River Woodworking is out in the country not too far from you. The owners are Paul and Ida Yoder. Here is the info:River Woodworking

    1755 W 700 S, Wolcottville, IN 46795-9501, United States

    Phone: (260) 593-2020

  3. lea-ann Says:

    thanks, Jolene . . . I’ll check it out . . Lea-Ann

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