When Good Monkeys Go Bad: New Uses for Stitch Markers

This is a completely frivolous post. Those are sometimes the most fun. I suppose there is some hand knitting content, although if you are looking for new knitting patterns or techniques or cool local yarn stores you won’t find it in this post.

Bad MonkeyMy husband had a 4 day leave for the holiday (Happy Birthday to Martin Luther King, Jr., God rest his soul). We spent two of those days in Dayton, visiting my Stepdaughter Erin (Hi Sweetie!) and her husband Andy…and little Ian of course.

We went to the Dayton Knitting Guild, a very good knitting guild if you can get to it, and generally visited. When Andy was little his mom made him a sock monkey, so she made one for her Grandson as well.

Ian’s monkey developed a run in the crotch, and Erin and I were laughing about it while she was commenting that she was glad she knew how to fix it.

I mused that she could always make it anatomically correct, in not so many words. By the time we were done snickering, she had the run fixed and had a stitch marker that looks like a little safety pin at the bottom of the run. One thing led to another and we now have a bad monkey. Enjoy.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


3 Responses to “When Good Monkeys Go Bad: New Uses for Stitch Markers”

  1. Nancy J Says:


  2. Erin (AKA "Sweetie") Says:

    May I remind everyone that it was Grandma JoLene’s idea! (The other Grandma, who made it, thought it was hilarious, in case anyone is wondering!) It’ll be a miracle if Ian grows up normal, with all the “bad examples” around him! (His mother included.)

  3. jolenetreace Says:

    VBG. Guilty as charged. I would guess that my co-workers at the hospital would be pretty surprised to see the results of our handiwork, considering they laughed themselves silly when I said “whoop-ass” one day (at least the ones who think I am proper would).

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