It’s a Raverly World: Knitting on the Internet

As a designer I received information about Ravelry at the start. At the time, I was too strapped to look into it. As the months went on, more and more designers joined up and there was more and more buzz amongst designers regarding the community there.

There will always be knitters who are not online, or who avoid computers, or only go online to read their email. There will also be those intrepid souls who boldly go where others fear to tread. Fear of the unknown can stymie many a good knitter.

At any rate, I joined up and have been there for a while now. I post now and then, where I can, and enjoy the time I spend there. I have met some very fun and unique people too, too. One thing I need to do yet is get all of my designs on Ravelry. I havn’t managed to do that yet.

For those interested in designing, or becoming a professional designer, there are many good topics at hand. Self-Marketing is a good thing when you are in a personality driven business, and make no mistake this business has that component. However, the savvy business person understands that Self-Promotion is more an end product, rather than the product.

In today’s market consumers are looking at information, what they need when they need it. Consumers don’t want a sales pitch. They want truly useful information. What this means for designers and local yarn stores and others in the business, is to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Instead of having a bland web site with your special of the day, have information they can use. For example, online references of techniques, or how to do different cast ons. You get the idea.

One thing I try and do on my blog when I have a new design is talk about the process behind it. I try and keep it brief because I don’t want to bore anyone, but I also want to inform. There is little information on how to design, and many who are interested in learning how are not interested in the art principles involved. I have talked about this before, and I think it is because the art principles involved are not presented in meaningful ways to them.

There are a myriad of wonderful knitting sites out there, and truth be told you all are probably more aware of them than I am. A little Google search (or your favorite search engine) can yield a gold mine of knitting content.

Which brings me back to Ravelry. It is a wonderful community, and has managed to bring together many diverse elements. I know there is some concern at times by designers that you can have a knitter who for whatever reason has problems bash a pattern, when it is not error in the pattern that is the source of the trouble. This can happen when the pattern is beyond the skill of the knitter, or perhaps they are not familiar with the language of patterns.  As always, you have to read and make your own decisions.

In the end, I think it is how we are in the community around us which will have the biggest impact, not only in how the quality of our designs are viewed, but in the information we share as well. I have heard throughout my life comments regarding my creativity. “You are so creative!!!” and so on. While I enjoy the compliments, in the end it is not that creativity that I want to be admired for, but by the kind of person that I am…creativity being a gift I was born with. The kind of person that I am requires far more choice and diligence.

Who we are in the community is what it is all about, and it is what makes us feel connected. Within the world of knitting, online communities such as Raverly provide another way we can connect with each other.

Maybe I will see you over there. If you see my picture, by the way, I will fess up that it is about 20 years old. I don’t have very many pictures of myself because I am usually behind the camera, and I like that one.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


5 Responses to “It’s a Raverly World: Knitting on the Internet”

  1. Ginger aka Beethoven Says:

    We enjoy reading your Blog and your input on Ravelry! Mum says she always learns from you no matter what you write about. And we love Ravelry too! Fun to be looking at photos of other knitters’ projects 🙂

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Ginger you are so nice. I will make sure and look for you on Ravelry. Tell your Mum I said hello.

  3. Allison Says:

    JoLene, When someone says “You are so creative”, they really might be giving you the sort of complement you want. Just because you have the ‘creative’ gene doesn’t mean you have to use it and just because you use it doesn’t mean you have to create things that are appealing (at least to me). I feel that when someone says “You’re so creative”, they’re really saying “I so love what you do with your creative talents” and don’t really mean the equivalent to “You’re so tall!”

  4. haflinger/Brenda Says:

    Hi a friend made a dishcloth pattern for here somewhere and I’m having a hard time.. It the co 5 sts
    you increase and then decrease..Once I have 50 stitches on it doesn’t look bad then when I start to decrease it looks terrible..So either she copied and pasted something wrong..Or I’m missings a step please help..

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