Where Have You Been: Hello, Flinke Nadel – Stricktagebuch

It is really fascinating how the earth is “smaller” with today’s technology. As many of you know from time to time I like to post blogs that have a link to mine, and here is one from perhaps Germany or somewhere similar. I cannot tell where the country of origin is and the language looks like German.

At any rate, one thing that is nice about Flinke Nadel – Stricktagebuch is the option to view it in English or Duetsch. A very nice touch for those who are not in Germany or a German speaking country.

As far as a physical presence, I have been at home a lot lately. With my husband being at Fort Knox, there is more to do around the house and our remodel job is underway. I now have a toilet and washer in my kitchen/dining area, and the only public bathroom is now gutted.

I have been taking pictures along the way and later I will post some. The guys have been great, but it is somewhat of a distraction. It is hard to do design work in the middle of, when it is both noisy and fascinating. Having a curious mind, it has been fun to watch.

I have a new design going into the next Interweave book in the “Simple” Series, and I need to write up the pattern and get it off to my test knitter.

Oh, yes. It is not quite 8am. I am not used to getting up early every day…but it does help me catch up with things before I hit the design work.

I hope you all have a great day.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace

One Response to “Where Have You Been: Hello, Flinke Nadel – Stricktagebuch”

  1. Beate Says:

    Hi – I found out about this post just of today. Yes, I’m from Germany – nice to read, somebody enjoys the option to swith languages.

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