Here we go for Round Two: More Knitting Needed

Let me just say off the bat that this post today is just a wee bit whiny. Plain and simple, I am tired and I miss my husband. One of the bad things about him being gone is that I cannot show him the swatch that I just did and tell him what I want to do with it. We have been together long enough that he smiles and says “What does it want to be?”. Part of the fun of designing for me is showing him what I am coming up with.

Right now I am working on some baby projects going into an Interweave Press book. And that is fun, but it is more fun when I have someone to share it with. Don’t get me wrong, I get to see him on average twice a month so it could be worse. And I get to talk to him several times a day.

I actually was able to show him the swatch for the baby sweaters when it was done, as I was working on that when I went and visited him a few weeks ago. The baby sweaters have a little Intarsia on the chest, and a simple all over texture. Nice little details at the bands, too. I won’t go into more detail but when the book is out I will scan the swatch or post a picture of the sweaters (and the baby blanket).

I know there are many knitters out there who are knitting in a vacuum, and the Internet has been a boon for that. But there is nothing like getting together with other knitters (or someone who enjoys what you do) and spend some time together. I find it calms my mind. I had to go to the dentist today for some fillings, and took my knitting with me. I did actually get some knitting done, too, while I was there. I was actually pretty embarrassed that I had a few cavities. I haven’t had any in years, and I think I was just so sickly and feeling crummy over the past couple years that I didn’t brush as long. I had had bronchitis and pneumonia, and frequent chest colds after the accident I was in. My asthma kicks up and I wake up coughing. I relied on cough drops to go back to sleep, and often would put one in my mouth, between my cheek and teeth. I had three cavities on the side that I did that. I am going to make sure, when in similar situations, to make sure the cough drops are sugar free from now on.

I also knit during the sermon at church. I listen better with mindless knitting in hand.

While I have not posted pictures of the remodeling our house has gone through (which I hope to soon, as I have some really great pictures), I have been planning phase two, in between knitting for books and trying to get something new done for my own line of pattern leaflets. I am finally getting my studio done. Our current garage is getting converted to living space, and will be my studio. I will have a fireplace in the corner, and french doors on the front and back. I have so much yarn literally all over the house. The only room the house does not have yarn in (in some manner) is the bathrooms and laundry room.

There is a lot of planning involved. Just today, I have been looking at carpet samples and paint samples and making final choices.

And now I am ready to sit and knit. It is 5:30, and I am going to sit and work on the baby blanket for the Interweave book. It is repetitive, and a perfect antidote to an overloaded day.

I often wonder if knitting would not contribute greatly to stress reduction programs.  I think that is what we all need, more knitting.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


4 Responses to “Here we go for Round Two: More Knitting Needed”

  1. angelarae Says:

    Yay!! Someone else who knits in church!! I always say, it helps me to listen better and it calms me so I am not so restless just sitting there! I am sorry you are missing your husband. Mine was in the Navy at one time, but not while we were married. I can see how that would be hard. Best and Hugs:)

  2. Gillian Says:

    Funny, church is one place I could probably not knit. I’ll have to try revising my ideas. Hope your husband will be handier soon. I can’t remember if you said how long the posting is.

  3. Ginger aka Beethoven Says:

    Sorry you miss your husband 😦 We miss our Mum when she goes to work during the day, so we know how you feel 😦 Thinking of you!

  4. Lynda in Oregon Says:

    Knitting as part of a stress reduction program? Only if you could magically get people through that beginning period when **everything** is so hard! I remember my mom (who taught me) cautioning me not to clench my hands. So I ended up unconsciously clenching my *toes*!

    Now, of course, I do find it relaxing. (Except when I realize I’ve made an un-fixable mistake waaaaaaaay back there and have to rip out.)

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