Knitting in the Blogosphere

It is fun to visit blogs that have linked to mine, and see projects knitters are doing and what changes they have made to make the project their own. Yarns used or changes made in edgings, shaping, or other details. Sometimes, I will google a design to see what people are doing. I have come across some very interesting blogs that way.

I found Weedwacker Knits on just such a foray into the blogoshpere. It is an entertaining blog. She is a knitter, spinner, and gardener (grows her own dyestuffs and collects organic materials such as lichen on trees and walnuts on the ground that the squirrels have not yet gotten to). Scroll down to October 14, 2007 and read about the spin-in. She mentions Brambleberry, knit by Barb in her group. A prolific knitter and spinner who had a number of projects for the show and tell which were beautifully knit. Here is the url: . She is an avid sock knitter, by the way. I had to laugh when I read a recent post talking about her stash.

In Jennifer’s Journal, she linked to my blog and I read about the LaMancha Watchcap that she knit. It was published in the Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar 2007. I didn’t put anything in the calender this year, as I just did not have time, but it is nice to know it is still being used. She is starting her first sweater…from the top down. She has a number of nice looking socks on her blog also, and I imagine her sweater will turn out just as nicely as the socks did. Since I cannot get the hyperlink button to work at the moment, here is the url:

From the Wool Room is an interesting blog from handknitter and spinner Loribird, who also has an etsy shop. She knit Wine and Roses, the lace fingerless mitts that were in the Winter issue of Interweave Knits a year ago this past winter. Winter 2006, I believe. She spun the yarn her mitts were made in. Here is the url:

To all of you out there, I hope you have a splendid weekend.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


One Response to “Knitting in the Blogosphere”

  1. Weedwacker Says:

    Thanks for the mention, JoLene! There’s more to blog, including another Spin-In at the end of this month. I admire your designs! Let me know if you come to St. Louis. Visit with the Greater St. Louis Knitter’s Guild, or come to a Spin-In!

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