Personal Appearences: Playing Celebrity

Fort Wayne used to have one yarn store. Sandy Hall closed the doors of the Cass Street Yarn Depot a year or two ago, and Fort Wayne Knitters had to go without a decent yarn store.

Now, we are lucky enough to have two. Knitting Off Broadway, and Sarah Jane’s Yarn Shoppe. I will be taking my patterns in soon to the owners of Knitting Off Broadway…in the meantime, Sarah Jane’s is having a trunk show right now of my designs in pattern leaflet. I have the designs there also that were in Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick. A great book, as hers always are. At any rate, I was somewhat bemused to find that I am a celebrity. One of course that the local knitting community doesn’t know they have, and Sarah Jane’s friendly owners are going to host a get together this Saturday, the 28th to rectify that.

I will be talking about designing and choosing colorways besides visiting with knitters, so if you are in the Fort Wayne area feel free to drop in and say hello. It will be from 1 to 3pm.

My step daughter Erin hopes to be there (Hi Sweetie!). She had a little fun telling me she would go as my “groupie”. I got a kick out of that, as a groupie of one hardly shores up the title of celebrity, but I don’t know that I will ever view myself as one. Which is a good thing. While I will be the first to admit I would take a great deal of delight in finding my designs on everyone’s needles, I don’t know that I would wear the title easily. I have no qualms about promoting my work in the industry. I just don’t expect people to know who I am or recognize my name

I think a lot of that is because I don’t travel and teach. I go to Stitches Midwest, and I go to TNNA in Columbus. At those events I do run into people who are familiar with my work, but I am fairly isolated from a lot of face to face contact with knitters.

Fort Wayne has a local group that gets together and knits. I have only been able to make it to ONE evening. I enjoyed it tremendously. Between work and keeping the house going while Ed is gone and my own design deadlines I have been beyond busy.

So come on by and see how I do in this role, you will find I am quite friendly and down to earth.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


2 Responses to “Personal Appearences: Playing Celebrity”

  1. Erin (AKA "Sweetie") Says:

    Yes, well, if we can get Ian out of Grandpa’s arms, you will have TWO groupies. You know you’re his favorite Grandma JoLene. 😉

  2. jolenetreace Says:

    Well, I feel better already. Grandpa won’t be home until we will be done at the yarn store! Ian is such a little cutie pie, I am sure he will be quite a hit.

    Love, your favorite Stepmom (this is a long standing family joke, for those who don’t know…You are my favorite Erin, or my favorite Sarah, or my favorite John, etc…I have done this for years in the family).

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