Pattern Correction: Three Flowers Tiger Lilly Scarf

Thanks to the laceknitting list on Yahoo, I have become aware of an error on row 19 of the chart for Tiger Lilly.

There is an extra double decrease in row 19. The first part of the chart should read k2tog, yo, k3 (rather than k2tog, yo, k1, double dec, k1).

I will post this to my errata on my website as well.

This is an excellent opportunity to do a little teaching on how I trouble shoot things that are not working out myself.

When looking at this chart, one thing that stands out is that there are not any black squares. This means the stitch count remains the same for every row.

Since the stitch count remains the same for every row, there should be an increase (a yo) for every decreased stitch. When looking at the rows on the chart, this is true for every row but row 19.

How can you tell which part of the row is in error? First look at the decreases themselves, and the yarn overs. Over the whole chart, the yarn overs and the decreases form a pattern. So, something that doesn’t fall into that pattern would be where the error is. This is a symmetrical and geometrical pattern, so that makes it even easier to be able to see where the error is when troubleshooting something that isn’t working out right.

This lace pattern, like many others, forms a diamond like pattern. This means that there will be a row, worked just like row 19, only it will start and stop at a different point because of how a diamond pattern staggers.  If you look at the chart, and look for a row that has yo, double dec, yo, k3, the only other row of the pattern where you see that is row 9. Which makes sense, as both row 9 and 19 form the “top” of the tiger lilly buds (which are elongated diamonds).

Putting all that together, you can tell with certainty that the double dec in question is not supposed to be there, as it takes away two stitches and does not replace them, and it may line up with the double dec in row 9, but it does not fit the pattern.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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