Brain Smatter Again, Update from Kristmen’s Design Studio

Okay, the link is working now. Give it a try.

On an unrelated note, I am having fun working on lace today with Prudence and Whisper My Name. Besides working on these two, I have waiting in the wings Calliope that I want to re-release in a lighter wait yarn this spring, as well as a new design Sweet Clover that I am doing in Interlacements Colorado. I just need to finish the sleeve caps on it and then it is off to the tech editor and test knitter for that one.

I have a design in worsted weight that I am thinking of calling Georgia, from the old Ray Charles tune. I am swatching it right now in Black Water Abbey’s Worsted Weight, but will also be test knitting it in a more commercially available yarn as well. For that I have not exactly decided which one. I am leaning towards Cascade 220, Trendsetter Yarns Merino 8 ply,  or something similar. We’ll see. I am still swatching.

As for the lace, Prudence will be with yarn from Unique Sheep as I mentioned before. I don’t think they have the information on their lace club (not Unique Sheep but Wool Girl). As soon as they do and I know about it I will mention it again.

As for Whisper My Name, that design is for my Grandmother. I had decided before she passed I wanted to do something to honor her memory in, and a shawl that I could wrap myself in seemed appropriate. I am swatching with Cashwool from Trendsetter Yarns, Fino from  Alpaca With a Twist, 30/2 Bombyx Silk or 30/2 Angora Rabbit/Silk Blend from Treenway Silks. I am also considering Helen’s Lace from Lorna’s Laces and 10/2 Pearl Tencel from Halcyon Yarns.

Wine and Roses Mitts

I am also working on having my sample garments re-knit in more commercially available yarns. It was a hard decision to make, but I have more and more patterns going out through my distributors and I need to have them photographed in yarns available to yarn stores. I will continue to use Black Water Abbey yarns though. Some designs will have more than one “version” is all.

Just released is Wine and Roses, the fingerless lace mitts published in Interweave Knits in the Winter 2006 issue. The pattern is available now through my distributor Up North Fiber Art Supply. They can supply it to your local yarn store or put you in touch with a yarn store that has it in stock.

I sent some out to Knitter’s Treat, so Ruth Sybers would be able to supply you as well. I just sent an email out to other vendors who carry all my patterns but have not heard back so the safest bet if you want it now is to contact Ruth or Barb with Up North Fiber Art Supply. Infiknit of Canada, my Canadian distributor, will receive some with their shipment going out today (she asked for a number of whatever was knew, so if you contact her and ask for it by name she might not know what it is before getting her shipment).

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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