Design Doldrums

I am in a bit of a slump I think. For those who know how many swatches I have laying around waiting to be made into a design, that is frankly funny. I had at last count over 90 (I don’t remember when I last counted them).

Right now I have something particular in worsted weight that I want to do with Black Water Abbey and it is giving me fits.

I have a lovely peachy colored yarn that I have the yarn ready to be worked up into the design, and I am not happy with the swatch. I love it in a different yarn, but then it doesn’t fit the inspiration of the design., which was the color of the yarn.

Oh sure, I have 2 other new swatches in fingering weight to work up into a design. But I need to do the Worsted!

The yarn is somewhat heathery, and that sometimes doesn’t make for good definition when the yarn is not crisp to begin with. Inside I know it isn’t right as I am not happy with it and I know I won’t be happy so I will just have to keep playing with it until I am.

What I have going in the design that I think is contributing to my dissatisfaction are areas of garter stitch in some of the open areas of some of the larger cables. I swatched the design in Trendsetter Merino 8 and it was fabulous. With Black Water Abbey Worsted Weight the yarn is not as crisp, and with a choice that is heathered, then that breaks it up even more. The detail becomes further softened.

I am committed to using this yarn, it is a lovely yarn and I have certain imagery in mind that I have begun to research. I thought of Peaches, actually, when I first saw it. Succulent and juicy, and just brought in from a tree in the backyard. I thought of how fragrant they are, and how pretty they are with their pinks and yellows. I thought of how sensuous the shapes are with their round curves, and the knubby texture of the trees.

So in my design I will be focusing on round shapes in the stitch patterns, and I want to keep the feeling over all to be very lush.

I will swatch it without the garter stitch and see what I think, that might take care of the issue. Then again, I may opt for overall fatter cables too. When dealing with heathered yarn where detail is becoming lost, an option is to loose smaller details and make details larger (hence using larger cables). If you still have a lot of detail but not make the details small in nature, then they contrast more with the heathered ground of the yarn and are easier to see.

Meanwhile my husband is home for a three day weekend, on leave from Fort Knox. He has orders for another year there, so while we enjoy each other’s company this weekend I will be knitting on things that don’t require a lot of attention.

After I decide what to do about the design I will post the swatches on the blog and talk about my final choice and the effects of the yarn.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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