Prudence and the Seven Heavenly Virtures of Lace: Knitting, That Is

I don’t know if you remember awhile back when I mentioned getting involved in a project with Woolgirl. I was invited to participate in their next lace club, with the theme being the 7 heavenly virtues of lace knitting, and I would be able to pick the dyer that I wanted to work with as well as the month (there were a few that were already spoken for, but I had my pick of what was left).

I opted to go with Prudence, which will be the last of the offering. The reason I decided on Prudence was because I thought I could have fun with the name, and because prudence deals soundly with good judgment. As knitters, there are things we can choose to do that the pattern doesn’t tell us to do as a matter of good judgment, just as there are things that knitters who have engaged in a certain type of knitting seem to know out of good judgment. There are also things we do out of habit that might not be the best habit. Things that perhaps we can do better if we stop and think about what we are doing. I cannot say who the dyer is or the colorway as that is a surprise.

Prudence other final details on the project I have not completely decided…and they are a surprise as well.

One other thing: when I was going over my files for this project, I was looking at communications between myself and Jennifer from Woolgirl and caught the last bit of an email where I told her about an exchange between my niece Sarah and myself. I had been showing Sarah some lace weight silk that I was mooning over, and Sarah said “You do realize that came from a bug’s butt, don’t you?” I promptly replied “well, they have to be good for something!”

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace


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