Fiber Friends: Have You Had Your Acorn Today?

I have met some interesting people on Ravelry. One lady I met from New York just today emailed me as a result of some discussions on one of the forums and talking about spinning. I have a limited edition Cherry S10 wheel from Louet that I scored as part of my first professional knitting design sold (Lily, from Louet North America, is still a very popular pattern for them…I did Fei as well).

When I looked up Gryffiknitter’s blog, I discovered that this fiber artist who likes to spin, obviously loves Harry Potter, and has a fun sense of humor. I am thinking we are probably close to the same age, her mother is around the age of my father. Besides the nice message she sent to me via Ravelry, I got to read her blog by clicking on it from the link in her Ravelry Profile, and I found out about a great little project: the Little Acorn Pattern, for you crocheters out there, is a free pattern. There was a fundraiser for awhile there, as the designer has the pattern as a free pattern and simply asked for those who wanted to donate a  few dollars for a friend’s medical expenses (her friend has breast cancer and you can read about the fundraiser and so on in more detail by clicking on the links). Apparently, there were 362 contributors and the fundraiser is now ended.

I love the symbolism behind the whole thing on so many levels. I know it probably was not intented, but an Acorn is a seed of an Oak Tree. And Oak Trees are a very strong. I hope the seed is planted deep, and I pray the love is spread far and wide and that this friend gets the help she needs and that her health remains. Stories like this just make us feel good, especially in days like this where in general there is unrest due to worries about the economy and other issues. We need to get out of our own heads and be concerned about each other, and help each other.

If it had a contribute button that still worked, I’d still contribute. Besides, it is awfully cute.

Peace and Knitting, JoLene Treace

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